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DLA and benefits help please 9 years 10 months ago #27751

  • peabrain
Hello anyone on the board. I am currently receiving High Rate Mobility through DLA. I have SLE longstanding and would like to apply for Care component without losing my mobility component. I suffer with depression also and have previously been hospitalised because of this (I managed to keep this from my employer and most of my family. I'm crying typing this Ive always worked, Ive gone without anything coming in for the last 12 months. I have managed to get a temp contract and am worried I'll never get anymore work if I mess this up. I do need help I'm tired of putting on a brave face and telling people I'm ok when I'm not and I hate admitting I'm ill. I was at the hospital recently and I had an interview the same day one of the staff commented to me how I shouldn't work (how demoralised was I going into my interview and no I didnt get that job)I'm constantly overcompensating with everything I do to try and make myself believe theres nothing wrong with me and end up exhausted in the process. I've lost the confidence to ask anymore sick of the pressure of trying to sort everything myself is too much. I am stubborn in asking for help with anything and everything usually ends up escalating and getting to a crescendo before I ask. Please can someone advise me.

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Re:DLA and benefits help please 9 years 10 months ago #27786

  • millymoo

Its always a risk when asking for a review with your DLA. There is a lot of help on here so it might be worth reading through this thoroughly. Have you tried CAB as they can be very helpful. I am on DLAHRC and i know i should get mobility but i am in a similar situation to you i just cant risk losing what i do get.

Like you i have always worked and one of my ailments is depression the slightest thing sets me off crying. You really do need some support to help you get through this. I understand you not wanting to involve family and friends and i know you get to the point that you feel so alone with all this. You are a proud person and it really hurts to admit that you are ill, but you have to do this for you. Please , please get some help if you dont want to speak to family then it may be worth speaking to your GP and ask for independant help.

I know what it feels like when you have an illness and everything gets too much. It makes you feel worthless but you are not, just you remember that. This is just how i was and believe me once you have the help, support and understanding that you so desperately need i am sure that you will be able to cope with all the pressure that is on you now.

Its ok to be ill despite what the media etc say, accepting it will be the hardest. Please take care and keep us updated on your progress. Believe me this will make you a stronger person!!

I send you a great big hug!!
God bless you
Mm x :)

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Re:DLA and benefits help please 9 years 10 months ago #28013

  • linsky
Hi PB, I can definitely empathise with you on this as I too suffer secretly from depression. I have only just told my G.P. I only took one tab and it made me feel much worse, so I stopped taking them.
Please be assured that even though I don't know where you stand in regard to your benefits, I would like to offer you my sincere moral support and I really do know how you feel as I hide my real feelings behind a smile. Although it is becoming harder to do as time goes on. You need professional help the same as I do, but I don't really practice what I preach in this regard as depression is an illness that we often keep to ourselves when we shouldn't.
My sincere heartfelt feelings are with you on this PB, and I'm sure that you will get sound advice on this fantastic informative forum.
Best Wishes and please keep us posted on you are faring up as I am in the same boat as you.
Lots of hugs.

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Re: DLA and benefits help please 9 years 10 months ago #28047

  • stanislas
Hi Peabrain,
My wife and I were in the same quandry about applying for DLA Care component whilst she already receives the HR Mobility. However by reading the advice one here and then contacting Age Concern (now known as Age UK) one of their advisors came out to the house, went through my wife's condition and helped fill in the form, (which had spent 3 months in a drawer!). Today, 6 weeks later, we have learned that she has been awarded Mid-rate DLA Care.
Would certainly recommend Age UK's help - doesn't cost anything (donations are welcome) and they have the experience to know whether there is a chance or not of the component being awarded.

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