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TOPIC: Obtaining a copy of the medical report???

Obtaining a copy of the medical report??? 9 years 3 months ago #32367

Hello. I attended a medical assessment this morning. I was accompanied by a friend. Upon arrival my friend requested a copy of the medical report following the examination, and a copy of Benefits & work letter template was handed over. This request was refused, they stated that they do not provide this service. They suggested that I contact the DWP for the copy. During the examination, the assessor stated that I need to contact the job centre that deals with my claim, and that reception would provide the details.

Apparently the job centre concerned is one that I have never been to, although it is quite local. I am anxoius to acquire a copy of the original report, as it seemed odd that the assessor was not inputting the data into his computer but making notes, only occasionally interacting with his computer. I am asking if it would be appropriate to send the job centre another copy of the request letter that I downloaded from your site, or that I may need to write something else.

I am sorry if this e-mail is not appropriate, but I feel very uncomfortable with the manner of these people, and have little trust for them. Thank you so much for your site, I do not know where I would be without it.

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Re:Obtaining a copy of the medical report??? 9 years 3 months ago #32371

Your post is fine.

Although there is a template letter which can be handed to the medical assessor/disability analyst following the medical assessment, any request is invariably declined. Unfortunately they are not duty bound to provide a copy of the report, and are within their rights to refuse your request.

You can ask the Jobcentreplus office for a copy of the medical report at any time, although they may make you wait until a decision has been made on your (continuing) entitlement to benefit. You are entitled to the report in accordance with the Data Protection Act, so they cannot withhold it from you following a decision on your claim. Indeed, you are entitled to a copy immediately following any request from you.

It is not advisable to use your full email address in an open forum, otherwise you could be bombarded with unwanted spam junk mail. To change your username you will need to contact info@benefitsandwork.co.uk to have it changed.

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Re:Obtaining a copy of the medical report??? 9 years 3 months ago #32444

  • adam-ant
I would not disagree with C.D. but am equally confused as to seeing and correcting the reports. I contacted the GMC about this with regards to benefits, and they replied..... “patients have always been able to withhold or withdraw their consent to examination or disclosure of information from their records or to reports written for particular purposes; and while the guidance does not spell it out, it has always been open to patients to consent to be examined, but to withhold consent to the disclosure of a report until they have seen and approved it”. Cont,d...
“It is obviously important to ensure that the information on which doctors base their opinions is correct and complete if erroneous conclusions are to be avoided, e.g. in the payment of benefits”.

Equally confusing for me is the right to know the evidence and respond before a judicial decision is made (as with judicial role of DM making an award).

I am not disagreeing at all, just confused like most people....

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