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Re:EXPERIENCES WITH GETTING SICK/FIT NOTES 9 years 3 months ago #32710

papasmurf wrote:

DepressedDerek wrote:

ESA is a very cleverly named benefit. When I told my GP that I am claiming ESA, he asked me if it is a sickness benefit, or a benefit that requires me to look for work.

That is the heart of the problem it is both.

ESA does not require you to look for work. In most cases, it requires you to attend interviews to discuss why you can't work, why you are not likely to be able to work in the near future, why you are unable to undertake activities that would help you back into work if you were able to work or undertake the activities in the first place, and how you can manage your health conditions, which could be useful but has no relation to looking for work.

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