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TOPIC: DLA Forms Help

DLA Forms Help 9 years 3 months ago #32588


I'm new to the site, so hope these questions are OK to ask.

Am currently asking DLA to look again at my claim as I have had recent worsening of my condition and my needs have increased. I get HRM and LRC. DWP have sent me the old forms, so I have queries about what is reasonable to answer for the following questions:

1 Part 8: Who would you like to tell us about your disability? My condition is congenital and there is no treatment available. For most of my life I've just carried on, so although I have GP and a Consultant I do not have any other health professionals that know about me. My GP/Consultant would know little about my everyday difficulties although my GP would know about my pain. Any suggestions? Would family members suffice?

2 Help you need during the day or evening. I have many examples to use here, but the most help I get daily is someone to exercise my dog as I am unable to do this at all myself and could not have a dog if I didn't have this help availbale. Will this count with the DMs?

Any help very much appreciated.

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Re: DLA Forms Help 9 years 3 months ago #32590

  • Survivor
I can answer part of your question, but not all of it. That's because we don't give advice on individual cases, only general advice, so I can't advise you what to put on your claim.

However, in respect of whose evidence you can give, it doesn't have to be by a doctor. You can give evidence from all sorts of people. You could give efvidence from family, friends, neighbours etc. If you do work, voluntary work, social activities, etc., there may be people there that could give a statement.

Secondly, it's helpful to tell them not just about what help you get, but what help you need even if you don't get it.

Thirdly, you're not limited to the space on the form. You can attach extra sheets.

But for details, you need to look at the guides to claiming DLA in the members' section. (See "Help for Claimants" in the yellow box.)

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