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TOPIC: Confused/Help

Confused/Help 9 years 3 months ago #32630

  • Justin
Hi everyone,

This is my first post and i don't know where to go for help ???

Today i got my letter back from DWP stating that from the 11/12/10 i will no longer be intitled to my DLA.
You see i have just filled out a renewal form.....

This has got me at a loss for a few reasons

After a letter from DWP in August i had a doctor come to my house for a medical.....2 weeks later i got a letter stating i was intitled to my award.

Now here goes

My physical problems Osteoporosis of both my hips and knee's isn't getting any better and at 38 my doctor says i am too young for replacements and the specialist just gives me injections (which help for a very short time )

My mental health issue are not very good but i don't really want to put them on an open forum but they aren't getting any better and my c.p.n told me to put down her name to give them infomation of my probelms( Which they haven't contacted her).

On my letter today it's states following the infomation i gave them and the doctors report..

Then it lists all the different parts..

But when i ready it...

It says the opposite of what i put !!!!

I.e I don't need help with a bath or a shower...
Fact i had an assessment with a occupatinal therapist who suggest that i don't have a bath and has organised a wet room to be built...
So as you can see i do need help...
I have no problems dressing and undressing...
My wife has to help me with my shoes,socks,trousers,boxers...
So again they have gone against what i have told them ???

Everything i have put on the renewal pack they have put the opposite of what i have put and i can't understand why ??

I have rung them and asked them to send me a copy of the medical report and put in an appeal and also ask to speak to the decision maker (It was the lady who was on the phone suggested this) to find out how they come to this decision.....

I know there are big cut backs happening on the Benefits and i'm like some other people being refused the help.

But what confuses me is i had a medical in on august the 2nd and had my letter back on the 24th August saying i am intitled and now after putting my renewal form in i am no longer intitled ????

Can any tell me if this has happend to them or offer me any advice

At the moment i have had enough of all this and is just making me worse :(

Thank you Justin

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Re: Confused/Help 9 years 3 months ago #32642

  • susanlilly
I know your position is depressing but dont let them win, go to appeal and tribunal taking someone with you who is involved medically if possible and give it your best shot. Something similar happened to us following a visiting doctor's report. (Edited by Survivor to remove reference to specific doctor.) Good luck

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Re: Confused/Help 9 years 3 months ago #32727

  • Justin
Thank you Susanlilly for your reply could i ask what happend in your case ?

I have already ask for them to look at it again.
What i can't understand is why after the independant doctor came in August to give me a medical they said i was intitled.
I have fill out my form and they said i'm not intitled to anything ??
My c.p.n told me to ask them to write to her about my mental health which they haven't written or rung her, so they haven't even looked into my mental health issue's let alone what is happening with my legs.
I'm at a loss to be honest i know the goverment are making cuts but i think they are targeting the wrong people just my opinion.

thanks justin

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