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DLA - UPGRADING FORMS ?? TAKE AWAY? 9 years 1 month ago #44445

  • shrimp
Hi All

I get HRM and LRC (previous year got high rate on both !!) didnt argue as i had already appealed when on renewal they said no and no to both and then got above.
My care needs are quite high, partner has now given up work to look after me (and 4 yr old twins).he is not entitled to any benefit so if could get high care then at least may get carers allowance ..so today phoned DLA and said could I write and ask them to look at it again, I was told the following:

Will put upgrading claim form in the post and please give as much info as you can, the first part is mobility and you can ignore this and do the care part

Sometimes the decision maker may then send the form back asking you to do the mobility part again as they may want to review all of it

You may get a higher rate, you may get nothing, you may be downgraded or you may lose it all. :angry::ohmy:

Is this really true - how can they give you something and then take another part away if you dont even want that part looked at again?? give with one hand take with the other...if they were to do that could i then contest it?

Drives me even more mad than i already am...

Thanks Shrimp xx

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Re:DLA - UPGRADING FORMS ?? TAKE AWAY? 9 years 1 month ago #44500

Hi Shrimp,

The short answer is yes, what you have been told is correct. And yes, if they did leave your award the same or reduce it you could appeal the decision.

You should look at the qualifying criteria for carers allowance and make sure that your partner is likely to qualify, however, if that is your main ground for wanting your award looked at again.

Good luck,


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