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Re:mad 9 years 7 months ago #44621

Just Me

Forum rules prevent me from providing a definitive answer, as there may be factors that you have not posted, that would materially affect what you are liable for.

If you want an unequivocal answer then you will need to contact the CAB or Welfare Rights, however, as they are currently overworked you may struggle to get an answer, to what at the moment, is a hypothetical question.


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Re:mad 9 years 7 months ago #44626

Oh I tried CAB as I have a friend who works for them and they weren't sure either. But then I was trying to explain it in the most ham fisted manner as usual. ;)

But you say going by the regulations laid down currently when somebody already on contributions based IB fails an ATOS medical that they can ask to claim contributions based assessment rate ESA? If It's non means tested then savings nor property shouldn't be taken into account unlike JSA or income based ESA.

That's all I'm after information wise.

Of course all that will change next April when I believe it's all going to become income based retrospectively and loads of people who have eitehr a partner who works or income from eitehr savings or pensions will be well stuffed. :S

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