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Would I be better off claiming ESA? Am I eligible? 9 years 3 months ago #51557

  • techiebabe
Hi, This is my first post, so please go easy on me! Also, please keep this confidential.

I am disabled (well, duh!) and score a minimum of 33 points on the ESA test on this website (I marked myself down harshly, it *could* be higher). I am self-employed and have been for years, since I am unable to commute anymore so I work from home. However due to meds / pain / side effects I can only work for a couple of hours a day at most nowadays, and not every day. The result is that I am earning far less than £95/week which I think is the amount allowed under permitted work.

I wonder if I could claim ESA and continue what little work I do manage under "permitted work"? My husband does work so I wouldn't get any other benefits (except DLA for which I get HRM and MRC). However I think I'd earn more for our household if I was on ESA than if I continued struggling to work for a few hours a day, although if I was allowed to continue those few hours it would be even better. Then I wouldn't be beating myself up about being cr*p and not being able to contribute much money to the household...

Also, I think I would need to do this sooner rather than later as I am not sure when your NI contributions are considered for contributions-based ESA but I have not been eligible to pay NI for the last year or two. Since my earnings will get worse and I am not going to be able to pay NI in future years, I guess if I'm going to claim ESA for up to a year contributions-based, it should be sooner rather than later when I might not have enough contributions to qualify? I would be grateful for advice on this!

Many thanks.

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Techiebabe - please read this 9 years 3 months ago #51560

  • Survivor
You have asked us to keep your query confidential. This is an open forum and anyone, member or not, can read it. Do you still want us to approve your message for publication?

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Re:Techiebabe - please read this 9 years 3 months ago #51562

  • techiebabe
Thank you. Yes please - I just meant, not to discuss outside this forum ideally.

If this forum doesn't have rules like that, fair enough. I appreciate it's a public forum.

I do need the advice! So, please approve the posting.

Many thanks and thanks for being so quick.

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