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TOPIC: tribunal decision

Re:tribunal decision 8 years 9 months ago #65972

Well done Helen i also won my appeal after fighting for it since December when it ran out, i had my appeal on 29th July and also won got the same as you but as of today still no payment.
Iphone only to ask if there was a problem as i not had any letters from them, they said that it can take up to 6 weeks for enter it in to the computers
i ask if there was any problem and he told me know once the decestion is made at the appeal it is final, because i was wondering if after all this time they had challenged it. he said know its ok i have to ask you have you had any time in hospital, i told him no i have not, ok i will get someone to enter it in system tomorrow and you back pay will be in bank next week.
WELL DONE on winning your appeal
good luck with your backpay hope you get it soon

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To Much Pain Will Kill Y ou In The End

Re:tribunal decision 8 years 9 months ago #65999

Hi Helen, I was exactly the same as you. My appeal was held on 26th July and I was awarded HRM & MRC.I receivd my back dated payment on 5th August and my confirmation letter from DWP about 10 days after that so I would stop worrying & just keep checking your bank account. I expect the time it takes depends how busy the office dealing with your paperwork from Tribunal Service is.

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