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TOPIC: Letters of Support

Re:Letters of Support 7 years 11 months ago #66042

  • originaldave
marcali wrote:

It would be nice to have a chance to send in the letters of support early...but I won't even be sending in my ESA50 before the medical itself! My ESA50 was due to be sent in at the end of July but I asked for an extension to that date and was given 3 weeks. However, before the 3 weeks was up I received a date for the medical assessment for the end of August. I was told just to take the form along with me to the medical, because if I submitted it when it was due it may not make it back to the Assessment Centre in time for the examining doctor to see it anyway!

I asked why I was called for a medical without anyone seeing the form to assess whether I should have gone straight into the Support Group. I was told they had sent a Med3? form to my doctor who had put my illnesses on it and sent it back to them. This was the determination of scheduling the medical examination without seeing my ESA50.

I don't stand a chance of getting benefits anymore as the system is prejudiced against fibromyalgia. The new questionnaire is impossible to answer with my condition and I know I am going to lose my benefits.

I, actually, don't care about the money but am concerned about my N.I. contributions not being paid anymore. That is going to affect me far into the future.

Is there any point at this stage knocking myself out getting my supporting letters?

I am not sure how you can say the system is against you ? or predjudiced against fibromyalgia people on here have got dla and support group with the same problem

If you have a decent case and fight you have as much chance as any sick person of getting esa dla dont give in.

with regards NI you can always pay them or as now can be done get them paid by the new none carers allowance care form

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