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TOPIC: Going back to work??

Going back to work?? 7 years 11 months ago #66729

  • shrimp
hi, need some help please? i have fibromyalgia (since birth twins feb 07) previously i worked in insurance for 20 years, my company have advised that they are taking on people and would i be interested in part time?
i get IB and DLA HRM and LRC, my condition is all over the place and last year was very bad needed help with everything....still need lots of help but feel on plateau but the exhaustion is bad....
if i was to think about returning part time (i really dont think i can do it BUT for my sanity i would like to try) what would i have to do? i have explained to them my problems so they may well say no thanks
would i tell IB, would they carry on paying me for few weeks then stop payments or would it stop right away? if it didnt work out do i reapply new claim on ESA?
shrimp xx

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Re:Going back to work?? 7 years 11 months ago #66733


Whilst we would encourage anybody who feels they are capable of successfully returning to work to do so, there are factors you need to consider.

First it may be possible for you to do Permitted Work, rather than an immediate return to work. There are restrictions on what you can do, earnings and hours, but it would allow you see if it works for you before committing to closing your IB claim.

Starting Permitted Work, might trigger an early transfer to ESA, and would certainly be taken into account during an assessment.

The IB linking rules were rescinded earlier this year, so if you cancelled your IB claim and subsequently found yourself unable to continue working, you would have to make a new claim for ESA. Any Transitional Protection of your IB payments would be lost, and in all liklihood you would only be eligible for Income Related ESA due to your NI history.

Whether you go down the Permitted Work route or cancelling your IB claim, you need to speak to your local DWP office.

I would strongly recommend you get more detailed advice from an appropriate advisor at the CAB or Welfare Rights before progressing either option.


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Re: Going back to work?? 7 years 11 months ago #66734

  • Survivor
You'll have to wait for someone else to get back to you on when the payments stop, but if you get ill again, the so-called linking rules wouldn't apply and you'd have to make a fresh claim for ESA, starting on the assessment rate.

If you can work at least sixteen hours a week, you may be able to get tax credits. There is information about this on the HMRC website, and you may also find it a good idea to see a welfare adviser who can calculate your entitlements for you. If you get housing benefit and council tax benefit, you may still be entitled to some, and again you should seek professional advice on this.

You must tell the DWP DLA people if you go back to work and they may choose to reassess you. It would help if you gave them information as to how your return to work will affect your care and mobility needs if at all. (You may find that your needs increase if you need extra help to cope with work.)

Good luck.

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