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Support Group 7 years 6 months ago #98395

My post just turned up with a brown DWP envelope. GULP! The reply to my transfer from IB to ESA claim, I suspected. I must confess to feeling rather sick as I opened it - my carer and I had looked at it for a bit before opening it.

Much information to go through - 'Your benefit is changing to Employment and Support Allowance' So far so good - passed the first hurdle. Read through the first page and got to the little paragraph at the bottom - 'You have been placed in the support group'. Bloody 'eck, I can't believe it. Much relief all round. Still shaking, actually.

I put this down partly to B & W's advice to, basically, bombard them with evidence. I am 'fortunate'? enough to have thirteen years worth of paper evidence, much of which I copied and sent with my ESA50. It cost nearly £7.00 to send the package special delivery, and the form was covered in bits of printed paper stuck (literally, glued) in the spaces as there was too much for me to write. We think they just thought it would be too much trouble to mess about with.

This, of course, doesn't mean we relax now - I could get another form any time, and there are hundreds of thousands of others out there going through the same and worse. We will continue our letter-writing and investigations. This may seem like an ideological attack on sick and disabled people, but at its heart we think it is a profit-driven offensive. Take a look at these links and see the batty pseudo-science base that the assessments are built on - and who were up to their armpits in all this. The first link is very long and complicated, but stick with it - it is chiling. The fact that people are being cast aside and trodden on for a [MOD EDIT] ideology is terrible enough. To think that it isn't even anything as 'honourable'? (not quite right but that's as close as I can think to the word I'm after) as ideology but instead is in pursuit of money is disgusting.



and worst of all:

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Support Group 7 years 6 months ago #98403

Congratulations on getting the result that you deserve. Thank you for sharing your news with us - and for your kind words about this site :)

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

Support Group 7 years 6 months ago #98407


Congratulations, it is nice to hear that other people have good news and that the guides on here are helping people to win.

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Support Group 7 years 6 months ago #98409

  • bro58
Hi C,

Well done on gaining entry to The SG !!! :woohoo:

Thank you for your comments, and for letting us all know.

You may now wish to request your ESA85/ESA85A whichever is applicable. You can request these over the phone, but we advise that this should be backed up in writing.

You should then know the recommended length of your SG award, and how and why you were placed into The SG.

There is information on obtaining such documentation on this post :



[Mod N.B. you may have noticed that I had to edit out some words on your original post, I'm afraid such references are against site rules]

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