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TOPIC: PiP review form

PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213428

it is not a great surprise this has just dropped through my door since my Pip award ends in a years time
I have not had one of these review forms before
I am assuming whatever I say or tick, since it is mental health, they will ignore and call me to interview anyway
how have other people got on with this process?
since it has taken 12 days for them to get it to me, i now have less than 3 weeks to get support letters etc
if i dont get the award, does that mean they will stop it even though the actual end date is not until 2019?
i am very concerned

PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213445


If you need it then you can request an extension to the time for you to return the form.

The review will result in a new Decision which I'm afraid will supersede your current award.

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PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213452

so basically the award and the judges decision at tribunal and all of it is worth nothing at all
since they are now going to go through it all again, so essentially the award is for a year less than they said

is that legal?

this is so damn stressful

I am looking at the mobility because I only got that on appeal and in the assessors guidance it now says that to get it for overwhelming psychological distress it has to be ALL journeys
yet in the pip guidance leaflet on here, it still says the original descriptors which could be for unfamiliar journeys
so which are true, as I rely on that to pay for all the taxis I have to use

and i want to say a big thank you to you Gordon, because even when i have not needed this forum i have seen you here day after day supporting so very many people
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PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213456


Yes, I'm afraid this is legal.

I'm not sure there is a discrepancy between our Claim guide and the DWP guidance, both cover familiar and unfamiliar journeys, Descriptors (d) and (f) of the Going Out activity.


PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213465

(in the gov. assessor guidelines) - www.gov.uk/government/publications/perso...-assessment-criteria
in descriptor D now says
For reasons other than psychological distress, cannot follow the route of an unfamiliar journey without another person, assistance dog or orientation aid

( C has been reworded as - For reasons other than psychological distress, cannot plan the route of a journey )

so if psychological distress is the reason then it has to apply to all journeys
this is not what it says in the guide

PiP review form 10 months 2 weeks ago #213468


OK, the DWP have only just updated their guidance for the Going Out activity, up until the last few days their guidance reflected the legislation change that they made in March 2017, which was declared illegal at the beginning of this year.

The legally defined Descriptors no longer contain the phrase "other than physiological distress".

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