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TOPIC: PIP renewal

PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219347

HI Gordon,

Thank you!

So I've got my renewal and the DWP have contacted me a year earlier which I believe they currently can although I've heard there is some current case going on in regard to this?

However, I just want to check that everything is in order of them contacting me earlier on the following points?:-
- as in the lead up to my appeal last summer at mandatory consideration the decision maker did extend my award and give me a later date for my review which was for Sept 19 next year.

- also, I have been told previously by a CAB welfare officer that once you have had the appeal and it is successful then the appeal counts as a fresh review so to speak and they should not be contacting you any earlier?

I think my previous review was Oct 2016 and the appeal date was July 2017.

I have been sent the shortened form I think the ARL 1 and obviously I would like to get through the process without going for an assessment if possible. I feel my condition is the same and I am happy with what I was awarded by the tribunal.

I spoke with my last welfare officer and she said I could write that everything was the same and that if I write anything different that reflects things have worsened or improved then I will be called in for an assessment but she also said it was a gamble that if they have not got the information they need then I could be called for an assessment also. She could not tell me what they would look at if I said things were the same but told me to enclose my tribunal decision and say on the forms 'same as at the tirbunal'.

I'm not confident that enclosing the tribunal decision counts for much?

If I say that things are the same as at the tribunal do they look at that decision? or do they base their decision on my original PIP2 Oct 2016 and last assessment?? because if they do I definitely could be heading for an assessment and potential tribunal again depending on how the assessment goes as from my last assessment which went badly they reduced my enhanced and I lost my mobility, until the tribunal reinstated some.

By the time I had my appeal, I finally got my diagnosis of CFS and although how my condition affects me is the same as at the tribunal, when I did my PIP 2 although things were the same then I didn't have the diagnosis at that time.

I'm confused as what to do but I am definitely getting new medical evidence from the CFS team, he did me a letter for my tribunal as I was finally receiving treatment by then and it had been on my PIP 2 etc that a diagnosis was being sought.

Thank you


PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219351


If your current award ends in September 2019 then it is perfectly normal for your claim to be reassessed this year. The fact that the award was made by an appeal I'm afraid is not relevant and the CAB advisor was incorrect.

Which version of the AR1 have you received? The one with the tick boxes or the one without?

The current PIP Claim guide covers both versions of the form and your options for completing it. If you have the new form then you will need to complete the form in some detail.

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PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219356

HI Gordon,

it is the one WITHOUT the tick boxes.

If I take the option of writing that things are the same as at tribunal like the welfare officer suggested, what will happen then/ will they look at my tribunal decision or the original PIP 2 in 2016?



PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219360


The intention of the AR1 form is that is read in conjunction with the PIP2 and anything that was attached to it.

My guess is that your welfare officer is unaware of the new form as their advice does not really fit with what is required for the new form, you are going to have to write something about how you manage now.

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PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219364

Hi Gordon,

Sorry to clarify they would be looking at my OLD PIP 2 and the ARL1 form and probably disregard the tribunal decision?

Yes I agree the welfare officer did not sound that aware...so I just wanted to clarify what best to do.



PIP renewal 6 months 1 week ago #219365


If there is a Tribunal Decision that you think is relevant then I would include details of it yourself.

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