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TOPIC: Esa home reassessment

Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227409

Hello Gordon or to the admins who will hopefully be able to reply to me and give me some advice, I have been on Esa in the support group for the last 5years the dwp asked me to stop sending in sick notes as my go kept signing me off for 1 year at a time due to my two types of epilepsy temporal lobe which is epileptic and my PSTD anxiety related epilepsy what I am most worried about is when I have a sezuire I am incontinent and wet my self but when I wake up also I am I a haze anywhere from 10 minutes to 4/5hours it’s gottwn that bad I was rehoused under the access liverpool council department and rehoused me in a ground floor flat as when I wake up I can be outside or I don’t know my name or what I am doing, now I even have to chain myself in my flat so I don’t go outside as 9weeks a go my neighbour found me outside urinating against another neighbours car, he called an ambulance for me and I woke up in Aintree hospital, after when I came home he knocked on and told me what happened firstly he thought I was on drugs or Drunk but then when he realised what I was doing he realised that it wasn’t me he said I wasn’t my self, what I am nervous about is at the moment I am having 5/10 sezuire per week and am Still wetting myself and am a hazard to my self as I am falling and hurting my self I had also hair a hairline fracture on my right arm when this last episode happened, I’m also going to Cbt at the Walton neurophysiology for my PSTD of epilepsy but the last time we spoke of my trauma I had a sezuire worth the dr and had to stop the next appointment is in 2weeks, I want to know will I qualify to still be in the support group as I am a hazard to my self and unaware of my surroundings and secondly will I pass for the incontence under being awake or will they try and put me into the work related group, I also have to wear a crash helmet 24/7, use non sufication breath threw pillows and am a recovering anorexic and need prompting to eat from my sister to is my main carer also she can’t make the home assessment as she works full time running a kids nursery and can’t take it off as it’s a Friday Is last minute thanks very much, I am at my wits end, I also forget to take my medication and have severe headaches due to my sezuires, thanks sM244

Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227445


Do you know how you qualified for the SG last time?

Although you have highlighted a number of problems, none of them directly lead to an SG award so you must have qualified by some other route, my guess is the Substantial Risk Regulations.

Based on your post I think you will still qualify due to Substantial Risk, have you been able to provide up to date information on your current level of disability?


Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227464

Hi I was on Esa and then I sent in a sick note for a year this was about 4years ago out of the blue one day they had backdated me the severe disability premium and had messaged me to say I was in the Support group via a letter I have a risk from SUDEP sudden unexpected death in epilepsy and think this could be why? Would I still pass on these grounds, also if I am still having an episode I will give you an example, so I went to bed on Thursday at 7pm with a headache as I felt sick and was exhausted after the sezuire on wed so Thursday night then 11pm I wake up in the hallway when I go into the living room I have urinated on the floor and lifted a carpet and put on top of the kitchen table table I have broken a few pictures also but in the bathroom my shower curtain in ripped down and all my conditioner in all over the floor also I have urinated all over the sink and floor and myself so when I come around Also my tongue is bitten to bits as I don’t rennet doing any of this and I technically am conscious will the dwp class this as me being unconscious or conscious I would say I am conscious but I still can’t rember due it taking up to 4hoirs to come back to my self thanks

Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227478


Did you explain about the SUDEP in your ESA50?

The problem with your conditions as you have explained them is that they do not lead to the Support Group, your epilepsy and problems with going out do not have Support Group Descriptors and although the Continence one does, you cannot score if it happens during an episode.

But your problems overall, I think, are sufficient for you to meet the Substantial Risk requirements.


Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227484

Can I ask how I don’t score when after I have had the sezuire I get up from the floor and I am walking around falling and I am not able to converse as I am non responsive ie you will be talking to me and I am unaware that I am there do I pass for hazard to myself as I fall over and hurt myself I have all the pictures on my phone printed out of bruises black eyes etc but also I will urinate myself when I am able to converse but I am non responsive so technically I am not having the sezuire as this is after the sezuire as when I am having a tonic clonic sezuire I fall to the floor and tence up and spasm

Esa home reassessment 1 month 1 week ago #227486


I'm not saying that you won't score but the SG is not points based you need to meet specific criteria. The continence Descriptor requires you to be conscious and from your posts, this is not the case.

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