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TOPIC: Pip and retirement

Pip and retirement 2 months 1 week ago #243224

I will be 65 in Sept and having my f2f next week for DLA to PIP.

When I lose my hrm and/or my mrc (lifetime award) will there be enough time for the appeal before I'm too old to qualify? Or does the process of appealing enable it to proceed past retirement age?
It will be Capita in Wales.

I'm making arrangements to move in with my mother because I won't be able to afford my home when I lose my DLA - although I'm not sure if I'll lose my SDP then.
She has AA and I'm hoping that's a benefit which may make it ok.

I did my best and used your guide to fill in the form but I feel resigned to losing everything.

However living with my mother means I will be able to appeal the decision and still have a roof over my head - provided I'm not disqualified due to my age.

Background info, awarded DLA in 2000 - put in the WRAG group in
Jan 2013 (was only supposed to be for 3yrs - used your guide for that too) and I have copies of them all.
I feel sick with worry about this interview and would be very grateful if anyone has any information. Apologies if I've rambled

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Pip and retirement 2 months 1 week ago #243225

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An appeal re-makes the Decision that is being appealed so your age is not a factor and applies from the same date.

If you do not receive a PIP Daily Living award then you lose your entitlement to the SD Premium. Does your mother receive Pension Credit with the Severe Disability Element? If she does and you do not qualify for the Premium then she will also lose Element.

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