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MOD next on 2pm Tuesday afternoon 1 month 2 weeks ago #264948

A Moderator will next be online on Tuesday at 2pm to answer your posts.

Moderators are normally online

Monday to Friday: 2pm-3:30pm and 8pm-9:30pm except Bank Holidays

Until then, your post will remain in the Pre- Moderation Area, and will not show up on the forum until a Mod approves it.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Many members questions can be answered by referring to our list of Frequently Asked Questions which can be accessed from the Spotlight area at the top of the forum or by selecting the Members Only Guides link in the sidebar on the left of the page., then the Forum FAQ link. Areas covered include

Forum Rules
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The transfer of IB/SDA/IS claimants to ESA

Benefit News
News items can be read and posted through the News link in the sidebar on the left of the screen. To add a new news item, click on the Submit a story link, posts are moderated and can take several hours to appear

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To search the 30,000+ posts in the forum to see if your question has been asked before, select the Search Link link at the top of the Topic List on the Forum page and then the search the forum from this link on the new page.

Finding your posts
You can easily find your posts by clicking on the profile tab when you are in the forum or by clicking on your name anywhere in the site, this will bring up a list of your recent posts which you can then select from.

Forum Etiquette
Please do not post in CAPITALS, it causes problems for members who use text to speech software.

Please do not add your questions to someone else's topic. Even though their question may seem similar their circumstances may be different and therefore require different advice.

Please try and keep all of your questions in one topic, this helps the Moderators to refer back to the advice already given and also helps us to prevent duplicate replies.
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
The topic has been locked.
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