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TOPIC: ME/CFS - DLA & ESA Tribunal - Grilled Chop Test!!

Re:ME/CFS - DLA & ESA Tribunal - Grilled Chop Test!! 9 years 1 month ago #17339

  • Daley
Hello again,

Steve, Yes it was for Lower rate care component on DLA. and ESA with the activity group.

Sharoniod, it was the Dorset M E Support Group that helped me. I think I tried everyone, Legal Help on Home insurance policy, No. Legal Aid. No. M.E. Association, not sure. It was my GP who suggested the Dorset Group.

Re:ME/CFS - DLA & ESA Tribunal - Grilled Chop Test!! 9 years 1 month ago #17354

Congratulations Daley,

I am not able to claim DLA because I can cook a chop, potato and carrot. So I will be in touch with the Jobcentre tomorrow to apply for all those well-paid, full-time jobs that only involve cooking a small meal each day!

Re: ME/CFS - DLA & ESA Tribunal - Grilled Chop Test!! 9 years 1 month ago #17365

  • alwaysunlucky
Hi Daley
I'm so pleased for you to hear your good news, congratulations and well done. Especially for attending 2 hearings on 1 day, give yourself a pat on the back!
Best wishes

Re:ME/CFS - DLA & ESA Tribunal - Grilled Chop Test!! 9 years 1 month ago #17405

  • Rachel
Just wanted to add my congratulations to you for this.

I too have ME/CFS and I am very worried about if and when I am moved from incap benefit to ESA as I think I will fail.

I can cook a meal but I cannot do a lot of stuff in one day. So for example most evenings I do 'cook' the meal but that is pretty much all I have done that day. And our meals are not proper meals - there are only two of us and I cannot eat a lot due to stomach issues with the ME. Often it is a small salad and some cold meat for me and maybe chips and something for my husband or some salad and cous cous or something for him. I could not for example cook a sunday dinner.

I find if I have to do a few activities in a day then the next day I am just in bed all day. The ESA doesn't seem to be a test that gets these sensitivities in peoples conditions. I have however left the hob on on numerous occasions and twice nearly set the kitchen on fire so I am a bit of a danger - don't know if that would count 'for' me at the test?

I am so proud you did this and it feels like a victory for all thsoe with chronic conditions that this benefit doesn't support.
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