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Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192491

Hi, My wife as been transferred to pip she had a drop in payment from high to low care low mobility , she could not cope at the time with aapealing , but her health is getting worse she as just had a MRI scan and as got to go for results next week , we have had to buy a cushion for her back today from the disability shop as she as increased pain when sitting , my wife as borderline personality , but because she is not been treated by mental health this went against her also he said she took a drink so she could hold a cup , can she ask for a change in circumstances after she as had her results , and should it have affected her not getting high rate care because she as not got mental health team . Thanks

Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192531


The first thing to consider is whether the deterioration in her health will result in her scoring the extra points for a higher award. Unless you can reasonable see this then there may be no point in reporting a change.

You say that she is not being treated for her mental health problems, is this no treatment (including medication) at all, or is it just face to face treatment?

Is there a letter with a diagnosis?

If she is not receiving any treatment then I am not surprised that she struggled to score points for her mental health, the DWP have a very specific view of mental health problems, much of it is naïve and ill-informed but it is what it is.


Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192535

Hi, Yes we have a letter with my wife illness listed as border line personality , yes she also takes medication , my wife as grade 3 arthritis of the knees spondylitis and scoliosis of the spine ,she as major feet problems with letters to prove they can not be put right , she as got a problem which as started with her coccyx of the spine , which is started to cause severe pain she is also on a large amount of drugs which she was on when the assement took place , Thank you for your help , she will make her mind up after she as seen the specialist next week .

Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192602

Hi, Do you think given the information I have given my wife having medical condition of borderline personality on medication and having proof of this condition she should have fought harder after the first assement , My wife is on strong medication which do affect and I think looking back , we did not explain things as good as we should , but in saying that my wife never was asked a bout her mental health , which can make her changeable ,

Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192629


I really can't comment on whether she should have appealed or not, two claimants with the same conditions could be affected in very different ways

Looking back she received a Standard award for both components and you said that she was happy with this.


Pip 1 year 9 months ago #192639

Thank you for your reply , yes at the time it's seemed right , but as things are getting worse she is unsure , anyway she back at the orthopaedics next week so if it will depend on the results
Thank you very much
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