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TOPIC: what does this mean! ESA letter

what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 1 week ago #219397

Hi, i got the white letter From health advisory service asking me to come for a health assessment, with mt PIP claim they came to my house, i read on here that that didnt really happen with ESA unless you got a Doctors note or something, so i called them and said i was getting a letter from docter asking for a home visit.i am currently on high care and lower mobility PIP and in support group ESA for last 3 years.

So they cancelled my first appointment while i was sending in the letter, and said they have to give me a new appointment in the mean time as i need to be on their system. 2 weeks went by and i had another appointment but hadnt heard anything about home visit so i called them back, they put me on hold them came back and said they have not made a decision yet and are going thru my case to see about home visit. So they cancelled the second appointment and gave me a third date forthe 23rd october.

I hadnt heard anything again so was going to call them on Monday and ask for update but todat i received a letter from them saying this exactly

IMPORTANT- we have cancelled your appointment

We recently asked you to attend an assessment on 23rd october, this was in relation to benefit claim.

We no longer need you to come for this assessment. please do not come to the assessment center as this appintment has been cancelled.

if you want to discuss you claim to benefit ,or if you would like more information about why you no longer need this assessment please contat the job center etc.

so thats where i stand and being weekend i cant ask anyone, i am hping this means they have made decision without needing to see me as i wasnt given another appointment or told a home visit is needed, i am also panicking in case it means they have decided to just stop my ESA claim and take me off the benefit!!

so any ideas or someone who knows please put my mind to rest

thanks in advance

what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 6 days ago #219418


There are two possibilities, one good, one bad.

It's possible that they have been able to do a Paper Based Review and your file has been sent back to the DWP with a recommendation.

The other alternative is that they have returned your file to the DWP for failing to attend, I notice from your post that two appointments have been cancelled, this is the usual practice if this happens.

In either case, you need to contact the DWP office dealing with your claim to find out what is going on.


what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 6 days ago #219426

thanks Gordon for the reply, luckily the cancelled appointments was on their end because they had tey to make a decision about an home visit. I spoke to DWP this morning after a stressful weekend, they shouldnt do it so letters arrive on a saturday!.

Anyway the guy on phone said they had goe more evidence last week, on the day i actually went to see my GP about writing a letter so it might have been good timing on my behalf. But apparently they have done their review without seeing me and sent their recommendation to the DWP.
The guy said he couldnt see what decision had been made ut he did say he has never seen one without a face to face where they have given a different decision to the one already in place.

Does that sound right? as i am in support group and would much love to keep it that way

thanks again

what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 6 days ago #219434


If they have done a PBR then it would be very unusual for the DM not to follow the recommendation.


what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 6 days ago #219437

i dont know what the recommendation is tho, i would hope and assume that they have recommended support group as i am now and nothing changes since i havnt got better, especially since they seem to have agreed even going to the assessment would have been too hard for me, i dont see how they could find me fot for work, but there is always that doubt in mind until you knowfor sure.

i know you cant say for certain Gordon but do you think thesame that it would be very strange to change my award without seeing me?

what does this mean! ESA letter 6 months 6 days ago #219438


It's probable that it's another SG award but it's not guaranteed, I'm afraid you will have to wait for the Decision Letter.

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