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TOPIC: DLA to PIP phone call from DWP

DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 4 weeks ago #219994

Hi, I sent my PIP form in and it was signed for on 24th August, and until this morning I had heard nothing. Earlier the phone rang. I have BT Call Guardian and it said 'withheld, announced call' and a voice said 'this is the DWP with regard to your PIP claim' or something similar.... then the Call Guardian voice offered me to press 1 to accept the call... I was feeling really sick and didn't click 1 immediately, the next option was to send it to the answerphone press ..... and at that point they hung up, so I didn't get to hear the option for sending to the answerphone, but I have done a test with a friend and it seems to be number 4. Sorry I am waffling here as I feel sick and now have palpitations.

Anyhow my question is threefold, what sort of reason would they be phoning me for after such a long time? In your experience is it to fix a date for a f2f assessment? Might they need more information? If I had managed to put them through to the answerphone would they have left me a message telling me what they wanted, or would I still be none the wiser.

I am unsure as to whether or not I want to answer their call if they ring again. I don't cope well on the phone in situations like this and am scared I will say the wrong thing or agree to something I can't handle.

Should I try and make the effort to call them, and if so what number should I try them on, I had no clue whereabouts the caller was ringing from so I could be ringing around and still not get an answer.

Any suggestions or advice would be gratefully received.

DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 4 weeks ago #220003

  • Gordon
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I'm afraid I can't guess why the DWP might be trying to contact you, it is not part of the standard process.

They should ring again but they will not leave a message so you can either ring them back to see what it is all about or wait for any written explanation of the call.

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DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 4 weeks ago #220024

Thank you Gordon. I did send a second message in subsequent to this one when I plucked up the courage to ring them! Apparently it wasn't them that called but the assessment people. Anyhow I have a fcf date for 12th November. I am dreading it, but I am sure everyone here knows that feeling only too well.
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DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 1 week ago #221174

I had my assessment yesterday. The assessor did seem very nice. I am fully aware you can be saddled with a smiling assassin, but at the end of the assessment she stood up and hugged my Daughter! So she is either genuinely nice or a jolly good actress.

She said the whole thing about the DWP getting the report and my waiting around 6 weeks for the decision, which sadly will put me slap bang at Christmas, or I'm guessing cos of holidays the New Year.

I have seen people on here mentioning contacting the DWP to get a copy of the report 2-3 days after the assessment takes place, but I am wondering is there really a point to this?

I mean how useful is it.... do you find out from doing this what points you have scored and can you work out from that what award level you will get? I'm not sure I would want to know I scored badly and then wait for 6 weeks to have it confirmed and equally am worried I might have scored okay but that isn't reflected in the decision.

Is it more or less likely that the DWP will go with the report? I guess it's a bit like asking how long is a piece of string.

If you can't tell I am still wound up from the whole process, and feel like I am coming down from a huge adrenalin rush. I can't quite decide what to do with myself now, going through all that and then having a prolonged wait seems like a real anti climax from all the stress of the build up... sorry appear now to be waffling for the sake of it!

DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 1 week ago #221191

  • Gordon
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The report will list the points that the assessor is recommending, whilst the ultimate Decision lies with the DWP, in the majority of cases they will follow the recommendation.

Some members want to know as soon as possible what the result might be, others prefer to wait for the Decision, there can be a small window to contact the Decision Maker if you are unhappy with the report in the hope of changing their minds.


DLA to PIP phone call from DWP 5 months 1 week ago #221221

I have a day or two to decide, but I think I am erring on the side of not wanting to know they are going to refuse to give me anything until such time as they refuse to give me anything! I think I might feel impotent if I get bad news via the report before the decision is issued at which point I could start the whole MR to Tribunal thing going.

At the end of the Assessment, after the recorder had been switched off, she did say that they will more than likely want to review me in the future because at some point I will obviously need hip replacement surgery, so I had a little hope I might get some mobility but only on a short award, but then she said, if you don't like the decision you can always appeal. This, of course, left me back in the mental spin again, did I, didn't I! LOL.

I am sure I am not alone though in dissecting in my head every last thing that happened yesterday, did I do this wrong, did I do this right, was she tricking me by being nice.... you know the sort of thing. I am so lucky if they stick to the 6 weeks for the decision I will either get a Christmas present or it will be the Nightmare Before, During and After Christmas!
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