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ESA 50 5 months 1 week ago #220848

I unexpectedly received an ESA 50 form. I am waiting for the PIP renewal as well, so stress levels have rocketed.
Will the refer to my previous ESA form? This will have my original diagnosis and treatment details. It will also show that I was assessed by a Doctor last time, (due to my illness type), who would know that my condition is not going to improve. Anyone reading the reports should realise that having another interview would just be a box ticking exercise. Do they use their initiative when reading the forms or just call everyone in again?

ESA 50 5 months 1 week ago #220857


Each ESA reassessment is effectively treated as a new claim so it's unlikely, although not impossible that they will look at your previous form.

Whether a F2F is required or not will depend to a considerable extent on what's in and with your ESA50 so you need to complete it in detail and attach evidence as you can even if it has been submitted before.

There have been changes to the DWP guidance for ESA over the last couple of years so please use our current ESA Claim guides to help you complete the form.


The DWP do have the option after this assessment of deciding that further assessments are not required but the criteria for this is very strict.

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