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TOPIC: Mental health disregarded from beginning of claim

Mental health disregarded from beginning of claim 5 months 4 days ago #221397

I have read information I could,before subscription.have been diagnosed with PTSD then reassessed and told by phycological was multiple or complex .borderline personality disorder.social phobia.depressiom.severe anxiety.have received basic daily living only after MR.was given 4 points for mobility component ...need prompting.....to travel.but in fact I cannot travel on public transport and have not done so for over 20 years,for various reasons including mental health issues,and the distress this causes me.my doctor supported this by letter with various other communication on my behalf as far back 2016.i cannot seem to get my point across or believed.even though in support group for example and also sent letter showing ESA assessor agreed :due to medical information given;they authorized transport to and from appointment.last review was 2016 and still no mobility award.i have now received another even though pip notice shows award till 2019.please advise as cost of paying to travel by car leaving me struggling to survive.thanks

Mental health disregarded from beginning of claim 5 months 3 days ago #221431

Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

There are two issues to what you have told the DWP about your problems;

- although the DWP guidance makes reference to Public Transport, the legally defined Descriptors do not and we regularly see Decision Makers denying points because of this.

- secondly, the test is about your being unable to follow a route, you don't mention any additional problems with being able to do this. The DWP will only consider sensory problems such as blindness, cognitive problems such as a learning disability or mental health problems that lead to overwhelming psychological distress when out.

The next stage to the process is for you to request an appeal. The PIP Appeal guide has links to the SSCS1 form that you will need to complete and the Submissions guide has a complete example that you can use to help you fill it in, you do not need to provide detailed reasons at this stage for your request.


Once your appeal is accepted the DWP will prepare their submission to the hearing and send you a copy, whilst you should wait until you receive this to finish and submit your own, you should start to prepare your own case, an increased award will only be made by your showing that you score the extra points for one, so I would start by going back through your PIP2, the assessment report and the PIP Claim guide to see how you might show this is the case.

If you have further questions then please reply to this post and we will do our best to help.

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