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TOPIC: @letitia

@letitia 9 years 1 month ago #17491

  • zjturner
Hi Letitia,

Just a quick query, i noticed on your message you mentioned other illnesses such as Restless Leg Syndrome, which i also have. I'm wondering now if i should have written all my illnesses on the form, i simply mentioned my club foot, but i'm wondering if i should have written about my RLS, the fact i also have severe back pain due to my club foot making me walk on an angle, i also have a raised hump on my back, also due to the clubfoot i have. But another illness i suffer very badly with is a sliding hiatus hernia, which is being 'managed not very well' with precription medication. On this illness, i can literally get severe stabbing pain in my chest, and have the need to vomit up immediately (wherever i am at the time, which is a real inconvience) and this lays me out for a couple of days at a time. Do you think it's worth mentioning all my long term illness problems, or just still to the basic disability i've had from a child, which is the talipes (clubfoot)? :huh:

Re:@letitia 9 years 1 month ago #17503

  • letitia
hi letitia here , yes you should have put down the restless leg syndrom as well , as you know yourself what it puts you through ,lack of sleep , fatigue,leg cramps, ants under your skin, terrible leg jerks, and nothing helps untill you get out of bed and move around and massage , are you on medication for it ,i am on quinine sulphate sometimes it eases it,as far as i know it is an neuralogical disease and most times it is an inherited disease especially if you have had it from very young , so do down everything not just the talibies that my grandson also has , best of luck ,

Re:@letitia 9 years 3 weeks ago #17992

  • zjturner
firstly let me apologise for the slight delay in getting back to you, my Mum broke her arm and we've been up and down helping her, so i didn't have a chance to reply. That's great news, i didn't even think to add things up at all, and yes my RLS drives me nuts, esp in the summer, even in the winter a slightly heavier quilt will set them off, and unfortunately the medication for my hernia makes them worse. I don't know how my hubby puts up with me wobbling my legs endlessly *lol*. I'm definately going to go and seek more advice about it, because it's just as bad as the club foot! I'm currently waiting for my acceptance of appeal letter (i'm assuming that's what we get) and then i'm going for the full whammy!

How are you getting on? x

Re:@letitia 9 years 2 weeks ago #18050

  • letitia
hi just seen your post have spent the last 2 weeks ,sending in the appeal form ,its, a novel ,7 pages of A4 typed ,With every factually incorrect statement(being diplomatic )dont want to use the (L) word.
of the EMP report ,Have also sent a Formal Complaint to the medical services about her , And i have just finished a Formal Complaint to the Manager of the DLA Agency in regards to the decision made by thier DM;
As she had all my conditions and disabilities in front of her provide by my GP and Hospital ,and didnt use them or refer to her Medical Guide as they are instructed to do ,
I am going to take this as far as I can go ,and then some
Will keep you informed ,I sent the EMP complaint ,on the 30/03/10,and havent received a reply yet dont know what the time scale is
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