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TOPIC: DLA Tribunal

DLA Tribunal 9 years 2 weeks ago #18027

  • writingbug78
I have posted here before, I applied for DLA in October due to a rare kidney condition, I was turned down in Jan and I put in a request for an appeal. I received the paperwork back from the DWP last week and it included a medical report from the hospital, it was completed by a doctor I've never met and had missing information as well as inaccurate and vague comments. A few days ago I received the letter from the tribunals service asking if I want to proceed, which I intend to do.

I have spoken to my GP on numerous occasions about my claim for DLA - he is fully supporting my application, and on speaking to him today he informed me that they've not even written to him. He said he's quite annoyed that they've not asked for his input but has invited me into the surgery next week so he can go through a detailed report which he will then submit as evidence for the tribunal. I do have a hospital appointment next week and I really feel I should take this report in with me to discuss it with my consultant. I feel that this report has actually gone against me in my application. Would it be unreasonable for me to bring this up during my appointment?

Also I have contacted a local charity for help with the tribunal, I'm actually terrified of having to go through this now. They can't help as they've too much work on. I have emailed my welfare rights officer asking for his help but so far have not received a reply. I do want to fight this as I feel I meet the criteria but it's just so daunting. Any advice would be appreciated. Is there anything i can do to ensure my case is strong? Many thanks

Re:DLA Tribunal 9 years 2 weeks ago #18030


I do absolutely think you should raise the issue of the inaccurate medical report with your consultant and ask him or her to write you one that gives a more accurate picture.

Evidence from a consultant will have considerable influence at a hearing and will go a long way to counteracting the unhelpful report.

Other than that, all I can suggest is that you use the appeals guides in the members are.

But it does sound like you're ddoing all the right things.

Good luck,


Re:DLA Tribunal 9 years 2 weeks ago #18051

  • writingbug78
Thank you for your advice Steve,I will bring up the report during my appointment. I appreciate that these doctors are busy, but it's so frustrating when they complete something that has holes in it, it makes our lives more difficult. I also find that the doctors here in England are so unfamiliar with this particular disease that they simply don't have the knowledge. My consultant admitted that he works in three hospitals covering much of the north of england and has seen two patients in his lifetime with this disease. Another consultant had never seen anyone else with it. I did manage to obtain some information which had originated from an expert in America, it was much more detailed and pin pointed the problems people with this face on a day to day basis.

Here is hoping i manage to get this sorted out. Thanks again.
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