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TOPIC: Pip2 home assessment date received

Pip2 home assessment date received 8 months 21 hours ago #216578

Thank you Gordon

since I posted my GP has become involved in writing them an extra letter (she already gave me one when sending in my initial forms) trying to explain to them I have several embarrassing physical health conditions plus several mental health challenges where I cannot be touched or it effects me terribly so right now I am waiting to see if that can do anything. Other then that she will be informing them if they do intend to go ahead they will have to agree to it being a woman and agree to no touching or looking around my house (not for any nefarious reasons) and the appointment will have to be fast because I can barely function coherently after 30 minutes so I am wondering because my GP has asked for these things if they have to be amiable to those sorts of requests? I will also have someone with me who does not live with me that assists me on a daily basis in many ways because the type of medication I am on (which is a lot) I can barely understand what someone is saying so i probably will not be able to reply properly anyway.. plus do they ask the same questions as i have sent in on the original forms or different ones?

I was told that the fact they even ask for a visit means you have probably lost yet I have health conditions where I can never leave the house so i don't understand why this is happening to me and why it was not accepted by the initial forms because enough evidence was sent in?

Pip2 home assessment date received 7 months 4 weeks ago #216605


Providing your GP has explained in their letter why it is an issue, then your requesting a woman assessor and requesting that you not be touched during the assessment would be a reasonable adjustment under the Equality Act.

There is a list of the question likely to be asked in the PIP Claim guide.

Your having a face to face assessment, home or otherwise, is not an indication that your claim will fail, only about 5% of claims are assessed on the papers only.

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Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220449

Hi Gordon

I just wanted to let you know by following all your guides for the first time of having to apply for pip (from DLA) I managed to avoid a home assessment because my wonderful doctor took up the mantle for me due to my extreme PTSD and anxiety (I have physical health issues as well) she wrote the letter that went with the completed PIP forms (I had no help with these either due to framework letting me down) Then when PIP sent me the home visit date my doctor wrote to them again and from that letter PIP informed me they would be getting in touch with my doctor and after she filled in the same information for the third time I received a letter a little while later from PIP stating I would not require a home visit because of my various conditions and them yet more time passed and I received enhanced PIP because of my various conditions for the next 3 years and while I am ecstatic my health conditions are worse because of the months it took to sort this out.

I also wanted to let you know that the PIP departments do not inform us that if we are forwarding letters from GP's or consultants ourselves the address on the normal letters we receive from them are sent to some sort of mail holding centre where they are unlikely to be delivered to the correct department for at least 2 weeks so asking GP surgeries for the correct department addresses where your mail will be delivered in a normal time frame helps enormously as I noticed PIP kept trying to fit in the home visit despite knowing my GP was sending further letters to them and my doctor told me the receptionists all have the quicker delivery addresses so I wanted to point that out just in case anyone else was experiencing the same problems.

Gordon can you tell me please if I move if I have to re do all my PIP again and also as I am on ESA now if this would trigger being made to claim for UC because as much as I need to use as I need OH services I am terrified of moving to a different address if it causes even more paperwork. I would be moving to a local authority bungalow from a privately rented flat?

Thanks D

Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220462


First of all congratulations on the award, well done.

Moving will not affect your PIP but if you move to a Universal Credit Full Service area and need to claim one of the benefits that now come under UC such as Housing Benefit then this can only be done under UC and if you receive any Income Related ESA then this, with you award, will be migrated to UC as well.


Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220499

Hi Gordon

Thanks for that extra info could you please clarify what a full service UC area is as now I am scared to move as the little money I have would not cover the cost of the move and then waiting to get my benefit again..

Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220505

Hi Gordon

I found out what a UC full service area is and I am in one so if I try and move it will trigger UC which I would obviously like to avoid but as I may not be able to could you please explain the differences between ESA support group and how UC works and if there are home visits as I have no idea about UC aside from the negative publicity..also will having enhanced pip help with my claim? My doctor is also thinking to give me the housebound classification because I never go out so would that help? and anything else you think my doctor could do to help with this as she is happy to help anyway she can because of my conditions.
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