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DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 11 months ago #225259

Finally heard back from MR - they failed me again.

I just got the letter earlier today (30th). The letter is dated over a week ago, 22nd Jan. And if I want to submit an appeal, I have to do it within one month of the date of the letter. That is so disgusting, that they would deliberately delay me getting the letter like that to force me to have less time. Spiteful.

Their reasons are made up lies and bs again. Twisted facts, plain fabrication, and just basically taking the p*** if you ask me. It's like they reimagined what happened at the medical assessment. Apparently, I was "able to laugh at times". What?? I don't remember that. Maybe it was when I was writing all those notes they say I did, whilst waving my arms. ?? Amazing.

They have used my education against me. Apparently, once you're educated, that's it, you're protected from any sickness or disability, it's a superpower. Didn't matter that I felt faint and actually said so when I was dizzy and was forced to stop for a moment. Is that when I was "able to laugh"? Or was I "able to laugh" when I told the assessor how much pain I was in and how much worse it was after they made me wait over an hour to see me, so that I fell asleep in their waiting room, which they have CCTV evidence for, assuming that camera worked, which no doubt it would if they were using it against me. Probably conveniently not if it proves me right. Grrrr!!

They're not reading anything we send. It doesn't matter whether we write a few key words in their forms, or a brief sentence, or full detail in additional pages. They're not reading any of it. In fact, I was mocked and challenged for submitting so much at the medicals.

I don't know what difference it makes at appeal hearings? Depends on the judge, I know, some are the same as medical assessors, like the last one I had. I am encouraged by a high success rate for DLA to PIP, the B&W newsletters say it's as high as 70% or higher. But I am worried nonetheless. I don't think I should assume, this isn't the climate for hope.

I will try to get legal aid, but in the meantime, what are my next steps please? I know I should know, but my mind's gone blank.

My eyes are only just getting better from last summer. It took all this time. None of the other symptoms are much better though. PIP made me worse and now they're laughing at me and mocking me. :(


DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 11 months ago #225277


The PIP Appeal guide has links to the SSCS1 form that you will need to complete and the Submissions guide has a complete example that you can use to help you fill it in, you do not need to provide detailed reasons at this stage for your request.

Once your appeal is accepted the DWP will prepare their submission to the hearing and send you a copy, whilst you should wait until you receive this to finish and submit your own, start thinking about what you want to include.

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DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 11 months ago #226651

Just caught a bit of the evening news where they happened to be talking about PIP appeals. Apparently, the story today is how much they're delayed. "Figures show one in 10 disabled people who challenged a PIP decision had to wait more than 10 months for money".

What's your experience? I just submitted my appeal form this week, sent recorded delivery. I was expecting to wait something like 6 months or so, as I have in the past. Is that the average or are we talking a year or more?

DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 9 months ago #228378

Hello :)

This is so random. I passed PIP! :o I can't believe it.

It looks like someone reviewed my case after I applied to appeal and decided to change the original decision.

The award is standard rate daily living component and enhanced rate mobility component. So that’s the same as it was for DLA. The award is slightly higher now but I think that’s normal for everyone.

The back payments are from when DLA ceased to be paid, and the award is till 2022.

I can't believe it! This has never happened before, it always goes to tribunal. Is this happening to other people? I haven't seen anything in the news.

Anyway, I passed! Thank you so much for all your help and advice. xx

DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 9 months ago #228391


Many congratulations on the award, well done.


The following user(s) said Thank You: RedRed
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

DLA transfer to PIP 2 years 9 months ago #228416

Thank you! :)

So have you heard of this before? Reviews being done after you apply to appeal? Normally, once that process starts, it goes to tribunal. This seems new to me.
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