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TOPIC: PIP Claim form

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222127


I'm not entirely sure what you mean by the A, B, C and D questions but for each activity, you need to explain the following;

1. What is the health condition and what are the symptoms that cause you problems with the activity?
2. Describe the problems you have, giving details and examples if you can.
3. If you use any aids or appliances, list them and explain why you use them.
4. If you need physical help, supervision or prompting, whether you actually get it or not, explain what you need and why you need it, including if you need help when using aids or appliances. If you can’t manage even with help from another person and have to have everything done for you, say so.
5. Say when during the day or night you have problems. For example, is it all the time, mostly in the morning or just at night?
6. If your condition varies, from day to day or week to week, try to explain how much it varies and what problems you have when you are at your best, worst and average.

You may need to repeat this multiple times so as an example; if you have Osteoarthritis in your hands which prevents you from using a knife to prepare food and depression that means that you need prompting to actually go into the kitchen then I would use the above formula for each of these issue, putting the one that affect you the most, first.


PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222138

I'm thinking that I've not filled it in right.
As an example Q3 Preparing food
3A Do you need to use an aid or appliance to prepare to cook a simple meal
and an example of aids is underneath the question
yes no sometimes. I ticked no
3B do you need help from another person to prepare cook a simple meal
there's 5 examples underneath the question
yes no sometimes. I ticked yes
3C Extra information (which is what I meant with a,b,c) - preparing food
then there's 8 seperate questions underneath;
tell us how your condition affects you doing this activity
tell us how you manage at the moment and the problems you have when you cant do this activity
tell us how long it takes you to prepare and cook food
does whether you can can do this vary throughout the day tell us about good days and bad days
can you cook using an oven safely if not tell us why not
tell us about the aids or appliances you need to use to help you prepare and cook food
do you experience any other difficulties either during or after the activity,like pain breathlessness or tiredness
tell about the help you need from another person when preparing food .this includes help you have and help you need but don't get.

As an example it's those questions that I haven't actually answered one after the other as basically i'm a liability in the kitchen ,under cooked food,left food to burn & set the smoke alarm off,turned on gas and not lit it. the list goes on and I've written all this down .so i'm not safe in the kitchen ,my brains pretty fried which I thought was just a side effect of 5 years on the meds i'm on ,but have found out it's actually part and parcel of my condition as well. So i haven't directly answered them questions as i feel that some of them aren't really relevant, but by reading what I've written down should cover it,or at least I hope
Does that make sense? or do all of the questions need to be directly answered even if they're not relevant?

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222141

I don't think I put on my last reply that's not been posted yet. My wife now does everything in the kitchen and i'm deadly serious & i have put that it's not safe for me to be in the kitchen.

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222146


No, you don't have to answer these questions directly but they are things that you need to consider when explaining your problems in the comments box.

So, if you can't be allowed in the kitchen then you need to explain this is the case and what causes this, you don't need to specifically consider how aids and appliances might help.

Be careful of the wording on the form, it does not always represent the legally defined Descriptors, for example; cooking in an oven is not considered for PIP.

The following user(s) said Thank You: CAP

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222153

Thanks for your reply that's at least put my mind at rest that I haven't made a total mess of filling it in. I'm even useless with a microwave ,put the food in & walked off without starting it.So not really a safety issue with it , but still not good,not when the kids want feeding. So the microwave has also got a mention from me on the form.
Thanks again

PIP Claim form 4 months 2 weeks ago #222493

just been printing out all of the paperwork to submit my pip form tomorrow and realised that maybe I might have over looked some things on the form,but not sure if it's worth me filling them in as I don't think that there's any points to be scored from it.
The section on reading I completely ignored as it didn't think it was relevant and maybe it isn't.
I have CRPS and I saw a clinical psychologist the other day and asked her if it's just my medication that makes me feel like my brains been fried or is it the CRPS.
I was told that it was both and she gave some examples of short term memory loss - forgetfulness,inability to remember what's been read ,heard or said
language impairment - difficulty recalling known words,use of incorrect words,slow recall of names
confusion -trouble concentrating and processing information
multi tasking difficulties - inability to pay attention to more than 1 thing ,forgetting an original task when distracted.
I'm not sure if it's now worth me filling this in on the reading section although i don't think that any of the descriptors allow for this.
I don't know whether any of this would also be relevant in the communicating section as well? I can read I can talk ,but the more I've had confirmed to me recently about CRPS and the side effects of the meds which I knew anyway makes me wonder if it's worth including this in the relevant sections or should I just leave it as there doesn't seem any points worthwhile for this and my form needs to go tomorrow as I've had 2 extensions already.
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