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TOPIC: PIP Claim form

PIP Claim form 5 months 4 days ago #221193


It's very unlikely that your wife will be allowed to comment during the assessment so it would be better if she writes a statement that the assessor can read.

It can be in the form of a letter, so her name and address, how she knows you and how often she sees you, a description of your problems with completing the PIP activities, and lastly a statement attesting that the contents of the letter are accurate to the best of her ability and of course a signature.


PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #221938

Thanks for your previous replies.
I'm still trying to fill the form in as I was given a 2 week extension which I still think I'm going to struggle getting it submitted on time as it's due back by 29th November.
On a previous post I said that i'd already been awarded a blue badge and you said to make reference to it in the "moving around section". Should I photocopy it ,the badge I mean, and attach it as proof that I have one?

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #221984


Providing you can do so easily then I would include a copy, the assessment report from your BB claim will carry more weight if you have it.

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PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222000

Thanks Gordon,
I don't have a copy of the assessment report . Would the DWP be able to access it ? Should I request a copy of it? I would have thought that I would only normally need to have a copy of that if i'd been declined a blue badge to appeal against it?
I rang the DWP earlier to see if I could have another extension to the time to submit my pip claim & was given another 7 days so I've still got 11 days left to submit it which takes it up to the 5th December & was told that if i needed more time to ring up again although this time it would then be at a managers discretion as to whether I would be allowed a further 7 days although I'm pretty optimistic that I will get it done before the 5th. I'm just getting stressed out going over the pip form over & over again and I've got a 4 hour pain clinic appointment on Thursday so getting stressed out about that as well although maybe something will come out of that appointment that might be useful to include on the pip form.

PIP Claim form 4 months 3 weeks ago #222005


The DWP won't have access to a report done by your Local Authority, don't worry about it, for now, concentrate on the form, you can always send it later if you can get a copy.

If you need a further extension then you need to ask for it early as it can easily take a week or more for a DM to decide.

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PIP Claim form 4 months 2 weeks ago #222114

Hi Gordon,
I'm still filling in my PIP form and still getting stressed out.
I've just realised something & hope that I'm not filling in the form wrong.
Each section has a list of questions under the Extra Information heading.
Are you supposed to answer each & every one of the questions individually?
If the answer is Yes, then I've not been filling it in correctly.
I've been basing my answers on going into greater detail on the A , B questions so haven't really been specifically answering all of the questions that come under section C or section D for some of them .My answers are quite in depth, just not direct answers to the bullet point questions as to be honest some of them are just not relevant. The answers that I have been putting down are what I believe fit into the specific descriptors for scoring points.
If you tell me that I should have answered each and every question individually ,then I've made a massive mistake.
What I have been putting down is pointing towards all of the supporting evidence that I will be sending in with the form and I am of the belief that a lot of people don't really have a great understanding of CRPS and how painful it really is,including medical professionals, which is why my pain specialist gave me a bookmark size laminated card to show to people who don't know what it is. So i'm putting it down in such away as to educate them as to how an accident that occurred over 5 years ago has now resulted in me getting CRPS and had a massive negative impact on my way of life.
Sorry to waffle on ,I just hope I've not made a huge mistake as i'm getting stressed out enough with having a 4 hour pain specialist appointment tomorrow afternoon as well.
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