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ESA Success Severe Conditions Criteria? 2 years 6 months ago #231289

Hi everyone,
I'd like to send huge thanks to Gordon and B&W for the excellent guides and advice on the site. I'm delighted to say that family member has been placed in support group with no F2F. It has taken 8 weeks from sending back ESA50 to receiving the decision letter (ESA72SC). The decision letter states “we won’t ask you to go for another assessment unless there is a change in your health condition”. I'm not sure if the DM had used the Severe Conditions Criteria as the use of the term “unless there is a change in your health condition” confuses me a bit. I searched ESA72SC on the internet over the weekend and found this is the letter used to notify claimants they meet the Severe Conditions Criteria. Appreciate if anyone else has had this letter and can confirm this. I will have to bite the bullet and contact DWP for a copy of the assessor’s report to see if it sheds anymore light, can you advise which form I request?
Once again, many thanks and best wishes to everyone.
Missellie xx

ESA Success Severe Conditions Criteria? 2 years 6 months ago #231313


Congratulations to your family member.

The letter is confirming that they will not be assessed again unless the claimant needs to report a Change of Circumstances, so another well done.


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