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too much PIP? 1 year 1 week ago #237378

I sent 2 messages over the weekend and can't find any answers You may well not be around over the weekend , of course - this isn't a complaint! - but the point is I am all over the place again on my son's PIP award for mobility at enhanced rate. I settled down after reading your advice re aggression in public but it has all started up again. I am abut as anxious as my son gets! ( He has OCD and autism and learning difficulties.)) What would happen if I contacted the DWP and asked if I ticked the wrong box? I just can't remember what I wrote in that section although I have the photocopied pages for the daily living section. I clearly did them on different days - it was all so stressful. If I did tick the box which gives 12 points it was without realising the implications - I hadn't registered this from your advice sheets or had forgotten - I know I didn't consult the pages on aggression in public when writing this section, it was more as a last minute thought, expecting to have to talk about it at an assessment, - . though must have read them a long time ago ( last year) as they are highlighted. But I may well have said that the only way he can be sure of travelling safely and not upsetting people - which fits with that 12 points box - is to have someone with him. This is true but totally impossible and he would hate it anyway. And this doesn't happen every time he travels. He is going to question this and get very agitated as he had no mobility component before and does travel around a lot. The point is , he frequently loses his temper and gets into fierce altercations - the police have been threatened many times, thrown out of shops, buses, etc. He has totally unrealistic expectations of staff in ticket offices, buses, etc. If he sees someone doing something he thinks is wrong ( usually they aren't) he can challenge them aggressively. There is no way of saying how often this happens - it seems to come in random bursts.He has frequent rows with car drivers who often hoot at him so I assume he is jay walking or some such. - I have seen him wander into the path of a reversing car without registering it and then yelling into the passenger window, banging on the roof - there were children in the car - and I had to physically pull him away. Recently he took photos of the people in another car who had annoyed him - again with children in it and the police were threatened again. I could send in everything I wrote about all this if it would be helpful, most of it went into the "mixing with other people section" however. I would love to see if having more frequent taxis - to and from work for instance, though he is so chaotic with timing it may not work - made any difference but am really worried about having to pay back the money. And what would his colleagues think?

Am I being over anxious? Should I just accept that he is seriously mentally ill enough to warrant this award and hope to adjust? Or should I contact them now, (maybe by letter to the person who made the award as who knows who will answer the phone) to ask if I ticked the the wrong box ( though none of the others would have been accurate) and run the risk of a reassessment which might cancel the whole award including the daily living part, which would wreck him? ( I have told him about this part but not yet the latter, I wanted to be clearer myself about it first.)Or should I persuade him to accept it on the basis that if it still feels wrong - that is what he will say - after a few months we could ask for it to be reduced then.

Many apologies for such a splurge - my husband died a couple of years ago and dealing with all this on my own is very challenging. I do know that I sent off the form feeling comfortable about what I had written - there was no intention to mislead. Thank you for reading it.

(I am not sure how it works now that I have asked for your reply to be offline, I am not used to reading threads, blogs , topics etc. Does it go to my inbox or what?)

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too much PIP? 1 year 1 week ago #237379

Hi maggi

Both your inquiries were dealt with, your first enquiry did not raise a question but you thanked the site for the information so I just posted a thank you for your post.

The second enquiry raised a question which I tried to answer, here is a link to the answer

If try to look for answers to any posts if you click on your name it will take you to your profile and you will be able to see any posts you have made, I can see that you have made 4 posts.


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