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TOPIC: PIP - Change of Circumstances

PIP - Change of Circumstances 1 week 22 hours ago #238627

Hello all. It's been a while since I was on here. Bit of background, I applied for PIP for Pain and Mental health issues in June 2017.awarded 6 and 4 points, MR result the same. Took DWP to tribunal where a Dwp representative was there and was awarded 11 point DL and 10 Mobility. The 10 came from my mental health issues. I have since been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (pain for 5 years b4 diagnosis) IBS, Diverticulitis, Chronic Fatigue. I'm lucky to be seeing a psychologist for my Complex Ptsd, my psychiatrist, my pain consultant and my chronic pain practitioner.

It's fair to say that my health has deteriorated in the last couple of years and was deteriorating throughout my various appeals. Its got to the stage that my husband is leaving his full time employment to become my carer (he's doing it already bless hom, but currently working full time)

We spoke about me informing the dwp that my condition is on a downward spiral and decided to inform them. It was a particularly harrowing time the first time and I also didnt know about the invaluabke resources you have on your website. I became a member the day after the tribunal.

So hey guys and gals, I was sent out another full assessment booklet to fill in after my husband rang in for me. And I wanted to ask if it is ok for me to send the booklet filled out but with the 'Extra Information' sections on each task being typed and stuck to the relevant page. I am unable to write for lengths of time because my fingers cramp up and remain like that for hours. As such my husband rang the dwp for an extension and without any quibbling they extended it by 4 weeks. So would it be ok to cut out the typed extra information bits and stick them on the relevant pages?

Not sure what your thoughts are regarding this. Any help or options would be great. I've managed to get a detailed letter from my GP and my Psychologist and also one from the Pain Management Clinic. So all in all, I'm pretty much finished.
The guidance notes on here have been fantastic. Not sure what the outcome will be, but I'll those in a similar position to me, updated.

On a final note.... on the extra information for each question... Would it be ok for me to put at the bottom, the current points previously awarded and then what I category I feel I have changed to given the deterioration? So two questions and hopung someone can help in some way. Best wishes to all. Xxxx

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PIP - Change of Circumstances 1 week 11 hours ago #238635

Hi Jo2468

Yes you can type any parts of the application you want and either just write in the boxes 'see additional sheet No.1 etc) or you can stick your typed information into the boxes whichever is easier. If you do add additional sheets don't forget to put your name and national insurance number on each one.

As to your second question - putting what you received before and what you think it is now - this is up to you. I would only put the information if you thought the number was fair before - but if you didn't there's no need to add it - just put your explanation for how things have deteriorated making sure your explanation fits to the PIP criteria.


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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

PIP - Change of Circumstances 3 days 23 hours ago #238833

That was very kind of you to get back to me so quickly BIS. I am hoping to get the forms off the latter part of this week so I'll update when I get news.

Thanks so much again. X

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