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Telephone Assessment 1 year 4 months ago #246644

I'm my son's appointee and had a telephone assessment on his behalf.
The guy was brilliant showed great empathy.
I asked at the start could I get my copy of the PIP form I filled in which was no problem.
I didn't need to go back the the form once as all he wanted was an expansion on my son's limitations.
I know reading reviews it's a bit and miss who calls you but honestly take your time answering and you will be fine.
I too was like you, desperately worried about speaking to a stranger about something so personal and the call came out of the blue.
Take your time think before answering and it will be ok.
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Telephone Assessment 1 year 3 months ago #247028

Hi, I'm not if this is helpful but here goes -

I submitted my forms for PIP Aug 2019, got a letter "inviting" me for a f2f in March (despite going into a great deal about my anxiety/agoraphobia and mobility problems on my forms). My stress levels went sky high. I then got a letter saying I would then have a telephone assessment (Monday 13 April) due to Covid-19. I have to say I was relieved to get a phone assessment as I truly could not have made a f2f. But the stress before the phone call was excruciating.

The call started dead on the allotted time. He politely introduced himself, asked for my name, DOB and Ni No. The assessment lasted approx 50 minutes and from snippets, the assessor said during our conversation, he seemed to have read my form and accompanying sheets so that reassured me a little.

He didn't ask very much about my mobility (apart from could I use the stairs if I went out of my front door? - although he did acknowledge he knew I didn’t venture outdoors - was I able to move about my home? So I’m not sure if the few mobility questions were a good sign or not. The questions were more on the Care side of things - do I cook if so do I use the main cooker? what do I cook when I'm able? how often do I bathe? do I use my washing machine? do I manage my medication? Do I use a computer? how do I pay my bills?

I didn't feel rushed at all but kind of disorientated more than anything as he was jumping from one topic to another then back again, say bathroom use to kitchen back to the bathroom. I did break down about 35-40 minutes into it all and managed to later tell him that I had stressed on my forms that speaking on the phone was so overwhelming for me generally that I always avoid it as much as possible and that the only reason I was talking to him was that it was a necessity as I was in a no-win situation. I also managed to voice how embarrassing it was for most to divulge such personal, embarrassing details of their lives to complete strangers.

He was pleasant and patient with me, even chatty in parts. But I’m under no illusions as to why he was asking what he asked. He ended the call wishing me well, to rest and to expect a decision in 8 weeks time. Whether I get the decision I’d like, as in what I feel I’m entitled to, remains to be seen.

All in all, as horrible as the experience was it wasn’t as horrendous as I imagined it would be.

I hope this is of some help to someone. Just want to wish all who go through this ordeal the best of luck x
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Telephone Assessment 1 year 3 months ago #247031

Hi sia

Thank you for tell us your telephone assessment story, it will give hope and will help relieve some of the concerns to other members of the forum, who are waiting for their telephone assessment.

We wish you all the best for the decision in 8 weeks time, let us know how you get on.

The following user(s) said Thank You: sia

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Telephone Assessment 1 year 3 months ago #247052

I had dla to pip telephone assessment last week, friendly lady, asked questions confirming how my condition affected my daily living, basically everything that I had put on pip application form was reiterated. I was very anxious about call and got very tearful at times but you have to struggle through it.Text today from DWP confirming receipt of assessors paperwork, six weeks before (hopefully) correct decision.
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Telephone Assessment 1 year 3 months ago #247126

I too just wanted to say that the PIP phone assessment I had was okay. The assessor was polite and respectful. I realize that a 'nice' assessor doesn't necessarily equal a good result but it was not the terrible experience I was expecting.

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Telephone Assessment 1 year 3 months ago #247234

I hope I'm putting this in the correct place but I wanted to add some notes about my telephone assessment that I added to the survey as I feel they may be useful.

My telephone assessment was on 1st April, I was content how it went due to the fact I have social anxiety and agoraphobia. On the 7th April, I received a text from DWP to say'd received my report from Capita so I asked for a copy of it. The assessor recommended 11 point personal care and 24 points mobility. I had all my notes in front of me to assist but feel that in some sections, me using notes actually went against me. With regard to taking of my meds, I take so many and at different times that I really have no clue what I take and when I take them, so my husband gives me my meds. I went through the list of meds with the assessor and because of that, he gave me 0 points for needing help and taking medication. I suffer social anxiety even to the point where I find it difficult to even socialise with my own family and was awarded 0 points due to the fact 'I use my computer and socialise with people online, therefore my social anxiety isn't a problem' There were 3 or 4 other pages where I was awarded 0 because I had notes in front of me which I made clear to the assessor I had. I would recommend that everyone should make it clear to the assessor at the start of the call and at the end if you are using notes to assist. One plus side, he did recommend I didn't have a review and my conditions were not likely to improve, in fact only worsen.
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