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PIP RENEWAL SUCCESS! 7 months 3 weeks ago #256371

PIP review was due March 2021. Received the 'year's extension' letter a few months ago. DWP then sent me a PIP paper review form end of December, 2020. Returned review form on 22nd January and got the decision letter today, so was quite a quick process. Awarded enhanced rate of both care and mobility for 5 years. (Was previously standard rate care and enhanced mobility). I can't tell you the relief when I opened the letter. I had been concerned that the lack of a face to face review might negatively impact my award. Huge thanks to all at Benefits and Work, as the PIP guides really helped me in completing the review form. There is information contained in the guides that you just wouldn't think of including otherwise, yet which can make the difference between success and failure. THANK YOU!!!
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PIP RENEWAL SUCCESS! 7 months 3 weeks ago #256381


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That really is terrific news, absolutely delighted to hear that you have been awarded your enhanced PIP award. Thank you for your kind words and for letting us know your good news which will help fellow forum members.



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PIP RENEWAL SUCCESS! 7 months 3 weeks ago #256437

Wonderful news! Well done. May I ask how many time you have claimed/had reviews, as five years seems amazingly long these days. Daughter on 3rd go, massive relief enhanced x 2 without MR/Appeal for the first time, but still, still only 3 years so as before not much gap between 10 months to get decision and likely minus one year review, sad face. Wouldn't mind if there was any chance her abilities would improve...I'd be glad, but there isn't much. Anyway enjoy your good break!

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