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Re:Severe Disability Premium(SDP) 10 years 6 months ago #15205

  • tapsy2901
Hello and thanks for asking - the answer is yes the carer is living at the house, but they look after my son and not me so why is my S.D.P affected?

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Re:Severe Disability Premium(SDP) 10 years 5 months ago #15952

Hello Everyone,

As an update to my original request for information, I applied for Severe Disability Premium(SDP).

My completed claims form went to the Freepost address of the DWP office. I sent a separate letter to the local manager as previous correspondence had gone 'missing'. Both were sent by Recorded Delivery.

The Manager wrote to me stating that my separate form had not been received! I supplied info to him about his concerns (justifiable) that Recorded Delivery Mail had gone astray.

After sending that letter, I received correspondence about my claim form!

I noticed that unexpected money has been paid into my account. As I have had no letters, I can only assume that SDP has been paid.

This is an new area to me. Whilst I have received DLA for some time, I had no idea about SDP and its cousins. Might I suggest that some information is placed on this website regarding eligibilty for this benefit.

SDP is approximately £50 per week. It is worth having.

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Re:Severe Disability Premium(SDP) 10 years 4 months ago #17889

Hello Everyone,

Following my earlier information on the Disability Premiums, I can give some further details based on my experiences.

Since submitting my claim, JCP has paid appropriate SDP based on an Income Support application. My enquiries about backdated payments were initially discounted as I had not ‘informed’ JCP of my DLA award. In itself, this is interesting. It shows that DWP records are fragmented over the various areas of responsibility.
SDP is available until the 60th birthday of the claimant. Thereafter, SDP stops to be replaced by eligibility to Pension Credits, a benefit administered by a different DWP section. I completed a large form to claim Pension Credit, a benefit that will pay a similar amount to SDP. Should we question why a further bureaucratic exercise is necessary to pay the same amount, under a different label?

Returning to my SDP claim, JCP denied my request for a backdated payment as I had not informed JCP of my DLA reward. What is required to inform JCP of DLA status?
Before I knew about SDP, I had corresponded with JCP regarding the then current DLA award and impending ATOS examinations. Correspondence , from the JCP regional manager, confirmed my DLA status to my MP.
I have drawn JCP staff’s attention to their correspondence acknowledging DLA and hence my SDP entitlement. A response stated that my case was being referred to ‘Decision Makers’. We shall await an outcome with interest.

ATOS French ‘Medical’ Organisation
DLA Disability Living Allowance
DWP Department of Works & Pensions
JCP JobCentrePlus
SDP Severe Disability Premium

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