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TOPIC: Pip2 home assessment date received

Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220523


It is only if you have to make a new claim for one of the benefits that come under UC that you will be migrated, so as an example; if you currently receive HB then moving in the same Local Authority would be an amendment to your existing claim but moving to a different LA would require a new claim for HB and a move to UC.

The SG under UC is no different than from the ESA you receive at the moment. it's called LCWRA and you are still excused from working, seeking work, participating in Work Related Activity and attending WFIs. The criteria for the SG is the same, so anything you would consider doing for ESA would be applicable to UC.


Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220554

Thank you Gordon much appreciated as always :)
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Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220654

Hi Gordon

apologies these will be my last questions as you know I am trying to move house now I know that my benefits will not be stopped and I would have had to do them all over again. I rang the local authority housing because i will require a specially adapted bungalow and they have informed me that because I am under 60 (by 18 months) I will not be allowed to bid on such properties even if my GP requests this? the lady stated the only thing she could do was send me a form to fill in and attach a GP letter and it would go before a board but she still does not hold out much hope for me so I am wondering if you know of anything else I can do to get myself on the list before I am 60? and if there there are any other suitable housing establishment I can apply to because of my circumstances?

I also contacted Framework as they used to help me and I was told when I was signed off the service that I could come back to them if I needed them but when I contacted them recently for help with something they told me 6 months had passed so the service was no longer available to me even with a GP letter which I thought was strange so I am wondering if/what home visit services with my GP approval I could contact for help ( I cannot leave the house) with forms and moving etc. My GP is coming to see me this week and I just wanted to be a little more informed before she arrived as well so i hope you don't mind me asking..

Regards D..

Pip2 home assessment date received 5 months 2 weeks ago #220701


I'm sorry but this is not an area of benefits that we deal with on the forum, I also suspect that the rules will be specific to your Local Authority, the best that I can suggest is that you try and get local advice, do an internet search for "welfare advice" with your postcode, town or county.

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