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Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137247

I have a claim for pip which has been going on since June 2013. If I'm successful will I get back pay for all this time or is there a limit?
I'm waiting for a decision at the moment and dwp have given themselves a time limit of 03/07 (tomorrow) to decide as it's taken so long.
I had a home assessment as I wasn't able to attend a centre as I'm agoraphobic among a list of things which along with the medication make my mobility not good. I suffer with :
Gastritis and bile reflux
Chronic fatigue
Sacro iliac joint dysfunction
Restless leg syndrome
Arthritis and a few other things I can't remember at the moment. Most of these affect my daily life profoundly. Im profoundly agoraphobic and NEVER leave the house unless to an appointment and even then only if my mum is with me. I vomit daily and spend most of my waking time nauseous and unable to eat. I'm scared to leave the house because of it. I'm terrified I'll be sick in public. (there's a very good chance I will!) also, if I need the loo when I vomit, I wet myself. Extremely embarrassing! I'm on food replacement shakes but they make me vomit so I can't drink them. I'm painfully thin to the point of anorexia. I have trouble walking and suffer debilitating fatigue. I don't function really. Im in constant pain for which I take strong painkillers for. These make me woozy and light headed and affect my memory etc.
I'm really hoping I get something.I was put in the support group of ESA without a medical so that's gotta say something surely?

Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137260

Hi chilli50,

You don't say whether this is a new claim for PIP or a migration from DLA?

I assume from your post that you are still awaiting a first decision on your claim?

For new claims, PIP is paid from the date the claim started, there is no limit to back pay. In the case of migrations from DLA, the DLA continues until 4 weeks after the decision and PIP starts after that.
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Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137267

Hi mrs hurtyback. Thanks for replying.
It's a new claim. I was totally fit and healthy before all of this :-/.
I've just done the pip test on here and according to that I'll get 40 points for care and 20 for mobility! I doubt very much I'll get that though!
I'm in an awful situation. I need pip to be able to stay in my house as without it I cant afford to pay the bills let alone live! I know I can't rely on getting it but I just wish I knew what was going on. I have 5 cats, a big dog and around 40 chickens and 40 quail to find homes for if I have to leave. I'll have lost everything I love then....at least I'll have some cash in my pocket and I'll be debt free so logically it makes sense but I'll have to move into council property and that could be a flat! No chickens at all then. These and my grandchildren got me through those first dark weeks after my daughter died. The grandkids have gone back to their mum after living with me for 6 years. My relationship has finished. All I have left is the house and my pets.i feel like things are slipping away from me....

Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137271

Hi mrs hurtyback. Thanks for replying. It's a totally new claim. It's been going on so long due to me having agoraphobia. I rearranged my assessment once and on the second one I sent in a letter confirming profound agoraphobia but it arrived a day late so they dismissed my claim. I requested a mandatory reconsideration both by phone and letter which they did. I rang quite a few times over the next few months to see what was happening and was always told it was with the decision maker. One day a lady answered. She told me my claim was in a queue. When I told her how long it had been going on, around 21 months, she advised me to call ATOS. I spoke to atos and they were shocked it had been so long.They got me an assessment date of 23/06. The report was received on 26/06 and medical proof of some of my conditions was received on Tuesday. They gave themselves a time limit of 03/07 but when I called yesterday they said that as they had only got the medical evidence on Tuesday it may take a little longer. I'm SO stressed! I have an adjournment on an eviction on my home. They are waiting on the decision from pip. If I get it, I can afford to stay in my home. If not, I have to sell. In about 6 weeks. If they take the house, I'll lose all my equity as they will auction the house. If I sell, I'll get around 60,000 equity. My daughter lived here all her life before she died. My grandsons have spend most of their life here and I've been here 25 years. I'll have to rehome my beloved dog, 5 cats, and around 40 chickens. I'll have lost everything I hold dear. The only good thing is I wouldn't be skint and I would be debt free. I could end up in a flat somewhere......

Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137276

Hi All,

So, if someone received back pay for such a long time, would they then lose money from their weekly benefits because, in theory, they then have over the amount of savings they are allowed? A

Pip back pay 6 years 6 months ago #137277

Hi. I keep replying but it's not posting. It's a new claim for pip.
I'm a bit confused. I've been reading up about caters allowance/premium. Am I entitled to claim, even though I live alone? Thanks
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