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TOPIC: I won my ESA Tribunal!!

I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151625

Oh gosh I had to post this, sorry as I live alone I want to share my news and encourage other people as tough as it gets..don't give up!
I will be honest this Tribunal Interview was very intense and scary.
I was just me and that paid off.
When I went into my meeting (they were running late!) the Judge informed me that I did not have enough information and I had requested a T Loop for my interview and it was their error not to provide one. she wanted to push it all back and start again! In fact I actually think she wanted me to start the appeal AGAIN . No sorry I have been battling on my own for benefits' for 28 months!
Boy I am so glad my Father was with me. Apparently when they said that they saw the look on my Dad's face...bright red and moved to tears...they realised it may have been harsh.(nb my Dad is nearly 80 but I have to say is extremely handsome so mmmm....no comment) but bless him he is my rock

I was devastated I would not budge.(I am shedding tears as I write). The very fact they claim again as they had not provided a T loop for hearing (2n'd time may I add_) was not going down well with me!!
Anyhow I managed to sort my hearing aid out.
Now. The important part. They said they had received nothing from my GP (hello they don't as them) made them even more adamant for it not to put it back. I played my trump card. I See my GP every week and I asked her if should would print out the notes from our consultation.. Wow that is mega, mega important. As soon as I said ..hold on, and passed them over oh the atmosphere changed and they started whispering to each other
They observed I was upset and my Father.
Then...ho hum...they said they would award me ESA sobbed. still unsure which group I would be placed in but the feeling was amazing.
Are THEY left to decide which group??? I showed them I was a tough cookie.
The asked me if I want to hear it from their then...or in the post.
I said then..but they could not at that point be certain which group. The fact indeed told them how my life had got worse during the waiting time, a great letter from my ENT surgeon helped
Does anyone know who long it takes to determine the group
Please anyone in this position PLEASE JOIN this forum..the advice helped me beyond words.
JUst to see my Dad's face turn from anger to relief was enough for me.
Sorry if typo but very emotional and a few tears.
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I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151638

Hi Kazzy

I am so pleased for you (as I'm sure are the rest of the 'folks'on here!! Good for you that both you and your (handsome) Dad stood up for yourselves. About time that 'they' realised that it's real people, with real feelings, that 'they' are dealing with.

As for the decision over which group you will be placed in, I'm afraid that's something you'll have to wait for - but after the ordeal of the appeal, it will be a doddle for you! If you get the wrong decision, well it'll then be up to you to decide whether to go with it or to appeal yet again.

I've certainly got my fingers crossed that you get the 'right' group for you.

If we can be of help at any time, get back to us, please, and again, so very pleased for you. :)
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I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151642


From my own experience I know how frightening a Tribunal can be so well done for making it through it and getting a result.

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I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151646

  • bro58
Well Done K !!!! :cheer:

Great News !!!

"Does anyone know who long it takes to determine the group"

You should receive The Tribunal's Decision Notice through the post pretty quickly !!

This will explain which group you are in (WRAG or SG) and why you were placed into that group !!

Please keep us updated by replying to this topic !! :)


I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151649

Well done Kazzy! I hope you do not have to wait long to hear which group you have been allocated to.
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I won my ESA Tribunal!! 3 years 1 month ago #151674

Thank you ALL for your lovely and kind comments.
My main point is boy do they drag you down, make excuse.
I felt unwell today but I really did surprise myself and kept focus..at least they were not wearing the black cap!
Anyone (of course via moderator please feel to ask questions; If I am not qualified I cannot reply.
The main areas where perhaps I can support are from the psychology point (again very subjectively
I am not qualified to give out advice...you all know that it comes from these fab moderators on here
Phew not over yet of course but in all honestly it was a shock to me
You guys (again) keep up the amazing work you do;we need a thank you blog.perhaps one here
Heck I am a sensitive git..but still crying. it is so so hard especially when ill...the mods can tell you.sob sob!! :laugh: :woohoo: :) ;) :P
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