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ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154609

Hi all,

Firstly can I say a big big thank you to all for the wealth of useful info on the site, simply invaluable, recently awarded PIP std daily & mob at the 1st attempt, and the decision came within 2 weeks too !!

Just wanted to get some kind of ball park figure on the waiting time after my recent ESA F2F (carried out by Maximus), if the horror stories are to be believed I could still be waiting for a decision at Christmas !! I phoned the DWP but tbh got nowhere quick, so any insight into the process / delays would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154619

  • bro58

Welcome to Benefits and Work Forum :)

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We would normally expect you to receive a decision within 2-6 weeks after the face to face, but the system has slowed down once more.

Your only option is to keep checking with ESA, there may be delays but hopefully your decision will not end up being an Xmas present ! :)

Please keep us updated !

You should Bookmark/Favourite this page in your Internet Browser now.

That way you can return to this topic easily to pose any further queries that you may have by replying to the topic.

See : This Topic also !

Thanks in anticipation of your future co-operation in keeping all your ESA related queries to this topic ! :)

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ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154760

Thank you bro58 for your answer to my question, just gonna have to sit tight and wait til the envelope drops I reckon, Ill keep you informed, thanks again.

ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154792

Hello King of pain, Just wanted to let you know i filled my ESA form in Sept 2013 had my assessment mid April 2015 and got my result late November 2015 placed in WRAG.

ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154831


Well I wasn't expecting to be replying quiet so soon with regard to the ESA WCA reply... but received a phone call earlier and its bad news I'm afraid.

6 points because I can apparently sit at a work station for an hour... yeah right... thats why I had to stop working in the first place.

0 points on physical functions despite the fact it was obvious I struggle to walk any distance at all without being in significant pain because of my lower back problems... (not to mention the elbow problems which means even drying my face with a towel hurts so forget propelling a wheelchair)... and then do it repeatedly over 200m... I wish !!

0 points despite the fact that at least once a week I am unable to control my bowls (had the gall bladder out a few years back and have suffered ever since)... but the pads contain it all apparently so nil points... sorry but they dont !!

So the fight begins now then, how this idiot scored me this way is beyond me, he simply hasn't listened to a word I've said. So ill wait for the letter and appeal the decision... not a happy camper right now... so all suggestions welcome peeps, ta ta for now.

ESA post assessment waiting time ?? 5 years 9 months ago #154832

ta for the info Janb.
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