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ESA/PIP AND MEDICATION 1 year 1 month ago #223739

Hi there,
my adult son suffers with mental health and was re-diagnosed with adhd 2yrs ago - he has since tired occupational therapy for adha which was useless, they have since reffered him back to phychotherapy (hes had this before). He refuses to take medication as he has had previously addiction problems and doesn't want to be like that again. the occupational health lady wrote a letter to his gp to says they do support his decision and if he changes his mind to re refer him. My question is, where do we stand with not taking medication? I think I read that they can stop your esa if you don't take meds prescribed but he was never prescribed them, they offered to, but he declined and under nice guidelines has the right to do so. any help would be massively appreciated as ESA form came 2weeks before xmas and the new awful PIP review form came xmas eve.

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ESA/PIP AND MEDICATION 1 year 1 month ago #223761


The DWP cannot require a claimant to take medication or treatment for their conditions, in principle, they can assume it if they believe that the claimant's reasons for not doing so are unreasonable but I have never heard of a case of them doing this, not that I think they would in your son's case as he has a good reason for not taking the medication.

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