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TOPIC: New ESA medical test

New ESA medical test 9 years 5 days ago #18331

Hey all

I suffer from MS and had a real battle getting ESA after a tribunal I was put into the support group. Now looking at the new medical I could be put into the WRAG or have it taken away completely and utterly.

This does not bode well for people who are on ESA and have review coming up or people who are being migrated over from IB, this new medical seems to me, to be very harsh and unfair as I cannot walk more than 30 metres but can do it with a wheelchair. To say that I am little more than perturbed and concerned re the future is definitely an understatement!


Re:New ESA medical test 9 years 5 days ago #18356

Hi Andy,

All I can say is make sure your MP and other candidates know how this will affect your voting intentions.


Re:New ESA medical test 9 years 5 days ago #18359

Just a quick thought on the subject; but would it be possible to adjust the existing dry-run of the ESA test available to members on this site to take account of these new changes?? That way we could 'test out' the new parameters before we're subjected to them by the DWP.

Cheers, Pen.

Re:New ESA medical test 9 years 4 days ago #18384

Well when I got my copy of your newsletter I forwarded it straight to two local newspapers and local councillors. Its disgraceful and so against disabled people its unbelievable. :angry:

Re:New ESA medical test 9 years 4 days ago #18388

Hi Pen,

Putting the planned new test online is a very good idea. But it's also very time consuming I'm afraid, so probably not going to happen this side of an election.


Re:New ESA medical test 9 years 4 days ago #18391

I also e mailed my two local papaers and some friends who are disabled. I had a long chat with my prospective labour candidate. Surprisingly he wasnt even aware of it. He is now!!! he at least sounded shocked, whetehr he will speak to Yvette Cooper I dont know but I mailed him some of the details and hes promised to look at them. I hope Steve is right when he says this can posibly be stoped. or at least watered down somewhat....It's shocking that it has taken this forum to expose this: in an election month something like this should be out there in the public realm.
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