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Harrogate is the unlucky town selected by the DWP to host the pilot of managed migration, the movement of claimants off income-related ESA and other legacy benefits and onto universal credit, probably starting in July.

The DWP says that Harrogate was chosen because of a range of factors, including the local jobcentre’s significant experience of Universal Credit.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Amber Rudd said:

“Moving people from the old and outdated benefits system to Universal Credit is a positive and important moment.

“But the switch needs to be done carefully which is why we are taking a step-by-step approach to this, starting in Harrogate.

“I want to be sure that the switch to Universal Credit is a hassle free process for claimants and everyone receives the personalised service they deserve.”

According to the DWP, ‘additional support will be put in place at Harrogate Jobcentre Plus, including bespoke support that will also be on hand for vulnerable claimants, including home visits.’

Indeed, the probability is that claimants in the pilot areas will receive a level of support that will be far above what claimants in other areas can expect, when the full rollout takes place.

Because the main purpose of the pilot is to persuade increasingly sceptical Tory MPs that the rollout can be managed without it causing a huge loss of votes.

So claimants in Harrogate may get the best experience of managed migration, but they will still have the misfortune to be the first to be forced to move.


+1 #6 Idonia 2019-03-14 21:12
@BuddhaNature - No, this pilot managed migration will include ESA claimants (who the DWP have estimated will be around 36% of all legacy benefit claimants moved onto UC via managed migration, including the pilot) but the 10,000 people in Harrogate who are going to be subjected to the pilot will be people who are in receipt of any of the legacy benefits, same as when the full rollout begins. It's basically going to be identical to the full rollout, just on a smaller scale.
+1 #5 BuddhaNature 2019-03-14 16:58
@Idonia - Thanks for that information. However, I feel sure I read somewhere that specifically 10,000 ESA claimants were to be migrated n the trial. Or do I have that wrong?
+1 #4 Idonia 2019-03-14 10:55
@BuddhaNature - It will not be just ESA claimants, but everyone on any of the legacy benefits being replaced by UC. So people in work and claiming tax credits, housing benefit etc. as well.
0 #3 BuddhaNature 2019-03-13 15:17
Broadly the same question as the other comment.

I just looked up Harrogate on Wikipedia and note that it has a population of around 75,000. To me that looks like it will be very unlikely to have 10,000 ESA claimants within that population. So are we looking at it being likely that other ESA unfortunates will be pulled in from other areas? If so, what are the other areas?

Or is there some other factor I'm missing here?
+2 #2 andy 2019-03-12 11:19
The switch to Universal Credit is a hassle free process for claimants and everyone receives the personalised service they deserve. They mean the harrasment they deserve? Dirty tories a force for evil.
+1 #1 alfwithhair 2019-03-11 20:39
Is Harrogate going to handle the full 10,000 managed transfers, or is there doing to be other pilot areas announced

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