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PIP appeal success
“I just wanted to say how grateful I am to the advice on this wonderful website and forum. If I'd have known about it from the start of my PIP application it would have marginally less stressful because after all Atos and the DWP still make it as awful as possible… I lodged my appeal following the model submissions in the members guides about the vital evidence overlooked by both the HP and DM… Today, to my amazement, I received a letter from the DWP to say that they had looked at my case again and changed the award back to what it was last time, that my appeal was over and the back payments would be in my bank account by Monday. I never imagined that they would change their minds at this stage and had been having sleepless night since June about the thought of a tribunal hearing. It's purely down to the advice received here in formulating my appeal submissions that led to this outcome. Now I know where to come from now on. Thank you!”

DLA to PIP award – from 0 points with no appeal
“THANK YOU to all the people on this site who have HELPED me through the Long DLA to PIPS journey. Starting from 0 points, I have TODAY ACCEPTED 11 and 14 points. Now look forward to a large Back Pay and GETTING MY LIFE BACK !!! If you have just found out you have 0 points, I hope my message will encourage you to fight back and get the points your entitled to. Special thanks to Gordon, Mrs Hurtyback [Moderators] and all the people I have engaged with. Good Luck to all.”

Won PIP Appeal
“Many thanks to all at B&W for all the guides and help and support given to us all, all year around. I really do appreciate all your hard work everyone. My appeal last week was set aside, and new decision made: Enhanced Mobility ( not appealing)..Enhanced Daily Living awarded”

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Are you thinking about challenging a PIP decision?

If you thinking about challenging a personal independence payment (PIP) decision, don’t begin without consulting the Benefits and Work guides. Written by experienced welfare rights workers and a barrister, they’re the next best thing to having a welfare rights worker by your side. Our instantly downloadable appeals guides include:

  • A Guide to PIP Mandatory Reconsiderations and Appeals
  • A Guide to PIP Appeal Submissions
  • The Best Possible Ways to Challenge A PIP Medical Report

And you can even use our Guide to Claiming PIP to check whether, in your original claim, you gave enough detailed evidence about which point scoring descriptors apply to you. If you didn’t, it’s not too late to put things right in your SSCS1 Appeal form or in a written submission.

PIP mandatory reconsiderations

Unlike in the past, when you could simply go straight to appeal if you were unhappy with a benefits decision, you now have to have a mandatory reconsideration before you can actually appeal. This means that the decision has to be looked at by another decision maker before you can lodge an appeal. There are full details in our PIP appeals guide of how the mandatory reconsideration process works.

Our PIP appeals guide

If you are unhappy with the mandatory reconsideration decision our PIP appeals guide will help you to give yourself the best possible chance of success at your appeal.

Amongst other issues, the guide takes you through:

  • how to fill in the SSCS1 appeal form
  • getting to grips with the appeal papers
  • how to go and watch tribunals before attending yourself
  • the value of written submissions
  • using upper tribunal decisions
  • whether and how to invite witnesses
  • the importance of how you travel to the tribunal
  • what happens at the tribunal
  • dealing with difficult tribunal members

How to challenge a medical report

As well as our appeals guide, you can download our guide to the Best Possible Ways To Challenge A PIP Medical report. It’s packed with over 50 different ways in which you may be able to show that the Atos or Capita medical report is unreliable, with dozens of sample texts to help you create your own challenges.

Writing submissions

You don’t have to write a submission for your appeal. But a written submission can give you a big head-start by putting your most important arguments in front of the tribunal members before the hearing even begins.

Our collection of sample submissions includes a step-by-step guide to writing appeal submissions which can also be used for completing your SSCS1 appeal form. It also includes a sample mandatory reconsideration request and a sample completed SSCS1 form. Plus there are lots of sample written PIP submissions to study, so you can be confident that yours will do the job you need it to do.

So, give yourself the best possible chance of appeal success by becoming a Benefits and Work member and getting instant access to all our downloadable resources.