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During Prime Minister’s Question Time yesterday Labour's Dennis Skinner called on the prime minister to abolish its contractor which tests whether people are fit to work, or can receive benefits.

The MP for Bolsover spoke of the case of a constituent who died last week, and called on the government to "abolish this cruel heartless monster called Atos", and to change the amount of money given to people who are appealing against its rulings.

David Cameron said he would look into the case, but added people should have proper assessments about entitlement to benefits.

In response to criticism from MPs earlier this year, the company said it provides a "professional and compassionate" service.

Source: BBC


#1 peterpete 2016-10-03 21:35
David cameron and goerge osbourne have single handedly wiped out most of the help available to claimants.wheth er it be income suport community care granrs of crisis loans.atlos has made some improvements but more needs to be done. We claimants are not responsible for goverment debts that is bankers and greedy giant companies not paying taxes. This new goverment under mrd may needs to seriously look into the way the pip interview is carried out compared to esa. I have been awarded full esa 2 times now with maximum points but got zero points on pip how can that be? The interview for pip was a complete shambles the male seemed not to keep eye contact focusing more on the computer.the office I went to wuestions were rushed and his office was very unconfortable.w hen I appealed I told them about my blackouts ptsd and about my claim for esa support but I lost my appeal.today I have reaplied for pip after reacinving a brown evilope confirming I will continue to recive my eas after my 2 year review. Hopefully this time around having to repeat the apllication process and dreaded face to face of pip surely they wont have the cheeck to give me zero points again

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