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Are you being transferred from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP)? Or from ESA to Universal Credit? Are you making a fresh claim or renewal claim? Or pursuing a mandatory reconsideration or appeal for ESA, PIP or UC?

Are you worried that the forms are complex and unclear, the medicals may be rushed and inaccurate and the decisions unfair? If so, use our expert, step-by-step guides and give yourself the best possible chance of getting your legal entitlement.

We’ll warn you of pitfalls, offer you specialist tips and tactics and guide you through every part of this bewildering process.

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Cover of Best Possible Disability Living Allowance claims for Adults on Physical Health Grounds

Important! It is no longer possible for claimants aged between 16 and state pension age to make a new claim for DLA.   People in this age should make a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

 It makes sense to get expert guidance on completing the claim pack.

Because, in the end, detailed, accurate and well supported evidence makes it much harder for a decision maker to refuse you disability living allowance. And, if they do, a tribunal will be more easily persuaded by evidence that's been consistent right from when you first completed the disability living allowance claim pack.

So, learn what legal tests lie behind those 600+ questions. Understand where to get, and how to submit, additional evidence.

Above all, get lots of ideas about what information you can put in all those boxes to give the most accurate picture possible of how your condition really affects you.

Our guides
Our disability living allowance guides are written by a qualified barrister and a welfare rights specialist who, between them, have decades of experience of DLA claims and appeals right up to the Upper Tribunal. But they're written in an extremely user-friendly fashion - we've studied the law so that you don't have to.

Instead, our disability living allowance guides take you page-by-page through the claim pack explaining simply and clearly what kind of information is needed in each box. We even provide sample texts to get you started.

We also deal with issues such as how to fill in the form for fluctuating conditions and why it is so important to get supporting evidence. We even provide check lists and record sheets for you to print offDisability Living Allowance (DLA) feedback:   . . .  they awarded me full mobility and full care awards, over £4000. when: keeping records of your claim; telling your GP about your claim; recording evidence about a doctor's visit.

Our three 50+ guides to disability living allowance claims are for:

  • adults with physical health conditions
  • adults with mental health conditions
  • children with physical health and/or mental health conditions

 Higher rate mobility
Our DLA factsheet Giving persuasive information about how far you can walk can help you provide additional evidence in relation to higher rate mobility. It also explains in detail the kind of evidence DWP doctors are trained to collect.

Bottles and commodes
Our 7 page factsheet Challenging the claim a bottle or commode will replace the need for help sets out eight different challenges to the suggestion that you should use a bottle or commode and includes sample texts for claim packs and appeal submissions.

Members can download all our disability living Allowance guides and other resources from here.

Read members’ feedback about our guides.