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Zero points to Support Group at appeal
“I had my ESA tribunal, yesterday, after 13 months. I am happy to say that I have been placed in the Support Group. I want to thank all the moderators for their patient answering of my many questions. I also want to thank the forum members for their support.”
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As our members so often prove:

Just because you’ve been found capable of work and given no points by the DWP, that doesn’t mean you can’t get employment and support allowance (ESA) on appeal.  And just because you've been placed in the work-related activity group (WRAG), that doesnt mean you can't be moved into the support group.

0 to 28 points at ESA appealesa appeals cover “Thanks to your succinct guides and quick helpful answers from Gordon”

ESA appeal won, moved from WRAG to Support Group
“although I had my local welfare rights team support me. The guides on here and the advice from
others here was far more useful.”

Successful ESA appeal, 0 to 18 points
“I would like to thank this site for the assistance the manuals and other comments provided”

Won at ESA appeal tribunal, moved from WRAG to Support Group for ME/CFS
“I'm not sure I would have felt the confidence to do this if it weren't for the B&W guides”

Successful ESA appeal, moved from WRAG to Support Group
“The stress has been immense but we could not have managed without your wonderful site. Thank you.”

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The reality is that around 8,000 people a month currently lodge an appeal against an employment and support allowance (ESA) decision and according to Tribunal Service statistics about 40% of those people - over 3,000 - will win their appeal.

So, appealing to a tribunal about your ESA is DEFINITELY NOT a waste of time.

Improve your chances at your ESA appeal mandatory reconsideration and appeal

For all ESA decisions made from 28th October 2013, appealing has become much more difficult because you have to have a mandatory reconsideration before you can actually appeal.  This means that the decision is looked at by another decision maker before you can lodge an appeal.  Whilst this mandatory reconsideration is taking place you cannot receive ESA at the assessment phase rate and will have to try to claim jobseekers allowance instead.

Our guides take you through the whole mandatory reconsideration process and explain the importance of being prepared for the phone call you will receive from the decision maker if they are not going to change their decision in your favour.  We have also published a free set of FAQs about ESA mandatory reconsiderations.

And there are many things you can do to improve your chances of success at your appeal hearing, if your mandatory reconsideration is not successful.  For example:

  • Ask for an oral hearing – the success rate at paper hearings is very low indeed.
  • Make sure you know all the appeal deadlines and don’t miss any of them.
  • Go through every point scoring descriptor in the test using our guides, to  decide if there are any points you could ask the tribunal for that you didn’t realise might apply when you filled out your questionnaire.
  • Look at the safety-net ‘exceptional circumstances’ regulations and decide whether any of them might apply to you.
  • Submit supporting medical and non-medical evidence for your ESA appeal.
  • Watch a hearing before attending yours, so you know exactly what happens at a tribunal first-hand.
  • Be aware of the importance of issues like how you travel to the appeal hearing and the clothes you wear.

Our unique, highly detailed guides will take you step-by-step through the entire process of appealing to a tribunal and ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance of getting the correct decision.

ESA appeal from WRAG to Support Group
“just to let you all at b and w know that after my tribunal this morning i have been placed in the support group… keep up the great work that you all do at b and w.”

ESA Support Group at appeal
“Many thanks to B and W, i have successfully had the decision for ESA over turned, the tribunal [put] me into the support group, i was in shock and its taken a few days for it to finally sink in. Yours Over Joyed”

ESA appeal
“Thank you , just won appeal and placed in the support group!!!! I'm so relieved my anxiety has been in overdrive. This is an amzing site !!!! thank you soooooooo much x”

From WRAG to Support for 2 years - thanks so much
“Hi had tribunal yesterday, won, the panel was great, went from wrag, to support group, for 2 years .
well pleased could not have done it without this site thanks you so much.”

ESA Tribunal success
“ Today I have been to my husbands tribunal today to offer support, (appealing against being in WRAG), we walked in and were told nearly before we sat down that the appeal had been allowed. We are over the moon….Can I say a big thank you we went in there today as prepared as we could be with the help of your guides etc…Thank you once again.”

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