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Called for DLA to PIP Assessment at private physio

5 years 4 months ago #182334 by unBat412Fd
Hi Maggie. Glad to hear that Fightback4justice have taken ur case on! As u say it's hard n too stressful to be takin it on on ur own. Hopefully they will be able to take hold of the reins a little and relieve u of some of the stress. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you big time Maggie! Will be checking in on here to see how u are doing. But for now am sending u all the biggest best cyber hugs I can. Keep us posted. Take care. Lots o love to u and ur hubbie. Regards PP :):):)
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5 years 2 months ago #186313 by Maggie
Thanks PP and Yorkie Lady for kind thoughts. :)

My evidence bundle for tribunal is now up to 345 pages!!! I think that's about done now. Going to get colour prints of the pictures (rather poor black and white prints once photocopied for bundle) of the ramp we had built outside our caravan around 10 years ago. 6 copies.

Husband called Tribunal Service last week to check that Fightback4Justice was registered with them as my advocates. He asked if they had any idea about when my Tribunal was likely to be. They said that for Liverpool it's currently around 19 weeks, so it will prob be around mid May, but no guarantees of course.

Acquired another diagnosis last time I saw GP! Psoriasis. Still not using the ventolin for the asthma as it scares me. Yes I know that's stupid. Will have to begin soon.

Cancelled the flexible sigmoidoscopy as am feeling so generally ill I really can't face it. So now have another appt with consultant which seems to me a complete waste of time. Way things are at present I'm having a job just to get downstairs. So will prob cancel that next week too.

Had a parcel of clothes I'd ordered arrive on Tuesday. Too knackered to even open the box till yesterday. Tried on some and dragged downstairs to show hubby who was gardening. Did one twirl by kitchen door then back to bed, totally worn out. Managed to get downstairs (big giant cardigan of coat length over jim jams) and sit in front porch to oversee husband planting bulbs. Managed about half an hour and had to get back to bed. Now that was a good day - most days am lucky to get downstairs once.

Just feeling very worn down by the whole thing. Time some of the DWP employees and the assessors learned what it's like themselves.
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5 years 2 months ago #186398 by Dollytrigger
Replied by Dollytrigger on topic Called for DLA to PIP Assessment at private physio
Hi, have been reading your terrible ordeal so far. Just another little tip that may be of use for your tribunal, a daily diary. Fightback 4 justice have templates and examples on their documents but you could also add things if need be or completely do your own one. From the reading I've done and looking at other guides like Citizens Advice, it seems to be recommended. I have no idea if it will help or not but anything is worth a try and it does give us the opportunity to show how much our conditions affect us on a daily basis in much much more detail than just the forms and an assessors view. Its another string to add to a bow for appealing. I am just filling in my PIP form at the moment going over from DLA high on both awarded 10 years ago indefinitely. I was 30 years old when this was awarded and have Spina Bifida along with other spinal problems.

Am just in the process also of an MR for ESA as scored 0 points and hilariously got found fit for work. Its all so stressful. Am lucky i have an amazing GP who was very unhappy when she learned of my ESA decision. She wrote a detailed report which i sent in for MR along with 6500 word letter, MRI report and a letter from my daughter detailing the help i require daily. Am told i will hear within the next 7 days. I received a phone call on 21st December telling me i was found fit for work with 0 points and all benefits had been stopped that day. 3 days before xmas, i was hysterical and went into complete melt down. I am always really strong and it was really difficult for my daughter to see me like this. Had not suffered with mental health health until ESA decision completely knocked me sideways. Had a breakdown and was put on Anti-depressants as a result. DWP have no idea how badly their unjustified decisions affect people. It is insane that they found me fit for work but it just seems they will do literally anything to reduce the welfare bill.

This you will find very interesting, when i went to my GP with what had happened in a terrible state she told me that she has patients who work for these people whom she has had to sign off work as they are unable to deal with the things they HAVE to do. She said it is all about numbers, how many they are allowed to put through and not put through. Exact words from my own GP.

Have been waiting 11 weeks now and have now developed an official fear of my postman :laugh:
Fingers crossed i do hear within the next 7 days. Having both ESA and PIP at once is truly a nightmare.
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5 years 2 weeks ago #190902 by Maggie
Long story that I can't tell fully as not well. Got told had failed Tribunal since I didn't turn up. :angry:Not surprising as they didn't inform me of the date and time! So glad have advocate as could prove they didn't get date either. Got set aside. So new date for Tribunal is Monday at 2.45. Please send me some Positive Thoughts and Vibes! ;)

Don't know how well I'll cope, as completely deaf in R ear and tinnitus too. Left ear can hear stuff, but not 100% hearing in that one either I suspect. Waiting for ENT appt late June. I'll prob shout at the Tribunal as I can't hear myself! Thinking will tell the Clerk of the Court so they can explain that I'm not being aggressive, just deaf and can't hear.

Sorry not keeping you all up to date - just since I got the thing saying about Tribunal held in my absence (April 24) I went down with rotten cold 3 days after, then earache, antibiotics that didn't sort ear out etc. Just feeling horrible all the time, with gloopy noises in R ear too that are horrid on top of the tinnitus. Just feeling horribly sorry for meself, and horribly worried about Monday too. Not sure if advocate can make it to hearing yet, but hopefully can.

Will let you know how it goes as soon as am able.
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5 years 2 weeks ago #190959 by unBat412Fd
Hello Maggie, been wondering how you are. Glad you posted to let us know how things have been. Sorry to hear you still going through the wringer. Really hope advocate can make it on Monday. Lots and lots of positive thoughts n vibes been sent your way. Good luck and lett us know how you get on. Very bestest kindest regards from PP:) :):)
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5 years 2 weeks ago #191168 by Maggie
Just a very short note to let you know that I won at my Tribunal yesterday! :)

I was awarded enhanced rate for both daily living and mobility. :)"It is inappropriate to fix a term." :)

Sorry this so short, very knackered still. Will write more about it all when recovered. I still can't believe it, still not sunk in! LOL
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