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TOPIC: Pip reassessment. Timing and physical examination

Pip reassessment. Timing and physical examination 3 months 1 week ago #226043

Thank you Gordon

I originally had enhanced in both. This re assessment has awarded standard daily and mobility 4 based on walking to the centre 50 mtrs.
The example of aids has been awarded but I would like to point out upper limb restrictions and CF with reynauds. I also have Vertigo and incontinence. This would require assistance how do I stres that.
Most evidence is based on the observations.
Ie holding handbag in hand, driving a short journey last month, indicating upper limb power and grip. I have medical evidence and will referrals to Physio and specialist pain consultations due. Also apparently I did not use chair arm to get up but I remember choosing to sit on the only chair with arms for the purpose of supporting my arms and back.

I have a soft diet advised by ENT-and gyne, which I they have not really addressed. This is due to mild disphagia and restrictions which are still being investigated.
They suggested that I can mix and talk with people but I stated that my self esteem moodis low. I twill avoid social situations because Of too much effort and fear of incontinence. The impact of this problem is not considered and pads certainly are only a fraction of the answer. In fact any set episodes or stress agrivates the problem. I would definitely say I am under stress and that I do suffer from mental health problems as a result. Sensory problems are also not taken into account such as migraines hypersensitivity light sensitivity anxiety which takes many forms in individual cases. I sit and feel a hopeless state but I will try to keep in mind as you say the assessor is offering an opinion which I have to undermine with evidence. Is that medical evidence of upcoming referrals and ongoing investigations.,personal accounts? I can find accounts to prove these but would they not already have had them originally before renewal.

Very sorry if theses points have been covered, I have a range of issues that affect everything I do like many others I’m sure. I need to send off soon so very anxious I find myself unable to respond.

Thank you again

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Pip reassessment. Timing and physical examination 3 months 1 week ago #226075


All I can suggest is that you go back to basics and explain your problems in detail, so for example; Preparing Food, you mention upper limb restrictions, how does this affect your using suitable aids for this activity? Detail the specific problems that you have.

You say that you need assistance, what would this consist of and once again (forgive me), why you cannot do these things for yourself.

Forgive me, but I am not sure of the point you are trying to make by your requiring a "soft diet".

Mixing with Other People, make sure that you understand the criteria, you have to describe your problems in a way that fits with the legally defined Descriptors to score and I am not sure that you are doing this.

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