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DLA to PIP 1 month 10 hours ago #236279

The dreaded DLA to PIP migration finally caught up with me in this morning's post.I'll obviously be looking at the excellent guides here to help my claim.However i'm also due an ESA review in October and mentally i can't handle both claims close together.

If i fail to claim PIP at the allocated time can i reclaim it at a later date when i know the score with my ESA ? And when i'm assessed for ESA will the fact that i'm no longer claiming DLA or PIP weaken my claim for ESA ?

Additionally i'm worried about an issue i raised before.Namely that whilst i'm on a high dose of medication and i'm largely housebound i'm no longer seeing any specialists .Indeed i turned down an offer of further treatment because i just couldn't deal with it.And i haven't got any up to date medical evidence and my new GP says she'll only provide it if the DWP requests it.So although i'm genuinely unwell and largely unable to function in mainstream society i feel incredibly vulnerable insofar as i've convinced myself i'm going to lose my benefits.And then i'll be in serious trouble.

Sorry if i'm repeating past questions but i'm really stressed out about this.

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DLA to PIP 1 month 9 hours ago #236283

Hi Ben

You have to do what is right for your health, but before you make a decision if you already have the PIP form, you could do that now if you're fit enough. There is quite a lot of crossover with the ESA review and you would be able to copy the same information. The fact that you are due an ESA review in October, doesn't necessarily mean you will get one at that time and then you might find yourself wishing you had done the PIP form.

If you choose not to apply for the PIP now, your DLA will stop within a month of you failing to return the form. You can put in a new claim whenever you like.

ESA is a completely separate benefit and lots of people claim it without PIP and some people have PIP without ESA. It doesn't matter.

Lots of people are in the position of not having current specialist help so you have to rely on past information. Even if your GP is not willing to write a letter, you are entitled to make a Subject Access Request for your medical records so you could take out and copy what might be useful. The DWP rarely ask GP for medical records.

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