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TOPIC: Medical excemption light touch esa

Medical excemption light touch esa 5 months 4 weeks ago #236399

Hi just a update from my last message question. Still awaiting a reply from advise here. I since requested esa dwp information about if i fall in the catagory of excemption from further medical assessments on the ground of me having the limited capabiliy criteria severe health condition. I have been under this since june 2017. Not been reassessed. I read up damien green then dwp minister disability. Says anyone under this rule would have light touch review if reassessed. They advised they call me back to reassess me over the phone. If my condition has changed or worsened. They didnt inform or ask me this i had to ask them first request it. Then consider if im to be excempt. Im covered in pip for lighttouch 10 year review recently. Can you give me any advice. Is it a new thing dwp ringing up. Is it assessment. Can i be given time to get my updated evidence in. Just let you know and others it may be new thing there doing. So others know they can ring in request a call back. Rather than waiting years for there next medical assessment. Please reply any advice or cautions! I need be aware of so im ready how to answer there questions and im fairly assessed if its via phone thanks can i record the call for example nik.

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Medical excemption light touch esa 5 months 4 weeks ago #236418

Hi Nicola

I replied to your last post two days ago. You can read about it here. If you can't find a post you are looking for click on your name where it is highlighted blue in the grey box and it will take you to all your posts.


Regarding a telephone assessment - yes you can record it because you are sitting in your own home and you are free to do what you want.

How to be ready for it? Read the questions on the ESA50 form that you have been sent and be ready to answer those. Jot down some notes so you know what you want to tell them. Make sure that you have some water so you can take a drink if need be during the call.


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